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The Diva Cup: A Game Changer in Feminine Care
Women's Health

The Diva Cup: My Latest (Menstrual) Obsession


August 29, 2017

I am absolutely in love with the Diva Cup. I say it loud, I say it proud. I recently delivered an I-love-diva-cup-rant to two uninitiated women friends. They had yet to hear about this miraculous device, so I gave them the rundown the way it was once given to me: with so much passion and conviction. And now I am bringing this rant to you.

What the heck is a diva cup, you ask? Well, its a little silicon apparatus that will change your menstrual cycle habits forever. To say this little cup is life-changing is an understatement.

First of all, let’s just talk about tampons. Now, imagine a life without them. Imagine never having to stuff 6 of them into a tiny clutch for an all-day event. Or running out of them while you are in a male-dominated office. Imagine never having to worry about harming your body by directly inserting hazardous chemicals like polyethylene (PET), polypropylene, and propylene glycol (PEG).  Imagine not having to remember you’re on your period for up 12 complete hours.

Well, all of this is a possibility thanks to devices like the Diva Cup and the Lily Cup. Still confused? Let’s start with the basics.


The Diva Cup (there are various brands to choose from), is a little cone-shaped piece of medical grade silicone—known generically as a menstrual cup—that you insert inside your petunia during your cycle. Once inserted and rotated, it literally cups all the blood, keeping you nice and clean. Aside from the Diva Cup there is the Me Luna (which a member of the CB editorial staff swears by), Blossom Menstrual Cup, the Nezbling Menstrual Cup, and the Intimina Lily Cup (pictured below).

diva cup review


Depending on your flow, you’ll have to remove, clean, and reinsert the cup every 4-to-12 hours. But while inserted, you can go about your life as usual. Unlike tampons, it allows you to comfortably go to the bathroom as you normally would without having to remove it. I promise you, you won’t even know it’s there.


Eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and convenient are just a few words that describe this beautiful and brilliant invention. I replace mine every few months because I’m neurotic, but they can last years if cleaned and cared-for properly—which is an incredibly easy process. A quick boil sterilizes the cup completely.

The drawback? Every 4-12 hours, you’re removing a cup full of blood from your vagina. Weird? Well, it’s a little jarring the first few times and then, with all of the other benefits realized, you’ll handle it like second nature.

Trust me, just try it. Give it a few months to get the hang of it, then let us know your story.  We’d love to hear from you!

Image via Intimina instagram


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