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Read this before you book a facial!

Before You Book A Facial, Read This Advice


August 31, 2016

If there’s one thing I hear over and over, it’s pre- and post-facial confusion. With all the treatments available now, navigating a spa menu can be daunting. Plus, many facialists specialize in certain treatments, so you might be booking a treatment at a microcurrent specialist and not even know it (I’ve heard this time and again). Many women often assume that a facial will automatically include extractions; not so. A lot of people don’t consider it a facial without extractions, but often, facial treatments that focus on anti-aging or other specific angles won’t include it. The best way to make sure you get the best service is to do some homework before you book and really understand what you’re trying to achieve. 

Where’s the best place to get advice on how to book a facial? From a facialist, of course! We reached out to Allison Tray of Tres Belle Spa in Brooklyn for her advice.  

— Robin Shobin, Founder, Charlotte’s Book

 Really, really, really do your research. Verify Credentials.  Don’t wander into a place because it’s cute. Your taste in decor has nothing to do with how well a spa’s esthetician performs treatments. Choosing the right facial starts with finding a place that feels right to you. While friend referrals are always good, don’t necessarily rely on just that. Your friend’s skin goals may not be yours. Ask your dermatologist. Read Charlotte’s Book, of course. Read online reviews. Stop in and ask to look around or ask questions. You might not want to do this on a Saturday because the staff might be too busy with bookings to accommodate.

Ask if there is a consultation period before your treatment. The first time you see an esthetician, there should be talking first. Some start a conversation right away, while others prefer to get you relaxed and clean your face first. A good esthetician becomes great when they know who YOU are. Your treatment provider should ask why you are visiting, what your goals are, and what products you are currently using.

 Book a visit without choosing a particular treatment or choose “custom”. If you’re unsure what you want or need, choose a custom visit. Don’t just pick a service off a list. Or, call and talk to the spa ahead of time.

Don’t Be Shy. Ask questions. Before you even change into your robe, mention the treatment you chose to come in for and ask what it entails. After gathering some information you might find that what you thought was the right facial is actually not the right facial for you. Telling your esthetician right away will give them time to adjust the products they have ready for you and shouldn’t cut into your treatment time. If something feels uncomfortable during your facial, say something. We are all different. What might feel soothing to one face can feel irritating to another.


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