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Bobbi Brown's Beauty File! Read it on Charlotte's Book

My Beauty File: Bobbi Brown


October 4, 2017

As I’ve said before, if I had to pick one “Charlotte,” Bobbi Brown would be at the top of my list.

When her #prettypowerful campaign launched, it made me realize how powerful feeling confident can be—and isn’t that what it’s all about? So when I received a preview sample of Bobbi’s new book, Beauty From The Inside Out, I was beyond excited. And after I read it, I couldn’t wait to work with Bobbi on a story.

The fact that she keeps it real, keeps it simple, and keeps it practical comes through loud and clear in the new book, which talks about her love of Ultherapy, greens, and supplements—just a few of our favorite things. She goes above and beyond the traditional health-and-wellness-meets-lifestyle category, hitting all the topics we love here at CB (check out the transforming treatments section for a note on the Clear & Brilliant laser).

If it sounds like CB + Bobbi are a match made in heaven, that’s because we are: we’re completely thrilled to give you a peek into her timeless lifestyle. Here, complete with her fave beauty tech and how she restores her body’s pH balance with supplements, is Bobbi Brown’s Beauty File.

Morning Skincare:

I splash water on my face and apply a moisturizer with SPF.

Morning Breakfast:

2 poached eggs with spinach and a double espresso with Cap Beauty coconut butter.

Night Skincare:

Coconut oil not only takes off your makeup off, it serves as a great moisturizer as well.


I love Sugar Bears for my hair, Dr. Lipman’s BeWell when I need to get back on track, and Dr. Daryl Gioffre’s Get off your Acid to restore my body’s natural pH balance.


Any workout by David Kirsh or Soul Cycle.




Marissa Martoni from Marie Robinson.

Dermatologist Or Facialist:

Dr. Sejal Shah.


Ground Sea Fitness to go hiking and eat vegan.

My Best Piece of Beauty Advice:

Feed your body from the inside out. Smile and laugh often.

My Best Piece of Life Advice:

Be yourself. Be comfortable.

Biggest Beauty Myth:

You are only beautiful in your youth.

My Charlotte:

Joanna Coles who is a crazy combo of brilliant, cool, and fearless, plus she’s a trailblazer. She’s so damn gorgeous, and never needs a blowout.


Model Helena Christensen gave us her Beauty File too—check it out.
Plus: Jamie O’Banion of Beauty Bioscience gives us some insight into her beauty secrets, including why she takes the stairs everyday—even in heels.


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