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Simply put, the goal here at Charlotte’s Book is to keep you healthy, well-fed, well-slept, thoroughly moisturized, and—most importantly—well-educated.

It’s a tall order, but that’s why we turn to the experts. Herbalists, plastic surgeons, estheticians, dermatologists, nutritionists, personal trainers, and everything in between: they’re a big part of why we exist (check out The Book, a guide to the best in every field), and they’re the people we turn to with all kinds of questions.

Ever wondered if the pH of your skin is off-balance? How to get your hormones to behave? If 45 is too young for a facelift? If a post-pregnancy breast lift a good idea? Ever Googled when you should start Botox? Retinol? Lasers?

Good advice is worth its weight in gold, and this, dear readers, is free. We’ve asked our experts tons of questions, and yours should be next.

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Are french fries really that bad for me?
Plus: Does drinking vinegar help me lose weight?


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