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What We’re Reading Now: Natalie Portman on Feeling Confident, The New Danger of Diet Soda, Vaginal Fillers, and Much More…

You’re working, you’re moisturizing, and you’re sleeping—you’re busy. We know. Don’t have time to scour the web for the best skincare, anti-aging, nutrition, and wellness articles every week? Charlotte’s got you. The best of the week is right here.


~ A self-proclaimed “lipstick person,” Natalie Portman says makeup makes her feel confident. The latest Miss Dior recently shared her tips and top beauty product picks for feeling your most confident. — Marie Claire


~ Injectibles are all the cosmetic craze lately. But before jumping under the needle, get your facts on fillers straight by asking these six questions. — Refinery29


~ Gluten in wheat can cause inflammation in the gut, but there’s a second culprit that goes beyond the stomach. A recent study suggests the proteins in wheat can cause inflammation in the lymph nodes, kidneys, spline, and brain. Yikes. — EurekAlert!


~ PMS got you down and out? Here are 5 natural ways to get relief during that time of the month. — The Coveteur


~  Have you ever wondered what your face would look like with Botox or fillers? Now you can get a preview before going under the needle with this new 3D-scanning camera designed specifically for the purpose of previewing volume changes in the cheeks, lips, or facial lines with fillers. — Allure


~ Diet soda could reduce your chances of getting pregnant. New research links consumption of artificial sweeteners to poor quality and fertility of women’s eggs. — The Telegraph


~ Retinol — do it or ditch it? Here are the 5 biggest myths about retinol you should check out before deciding. — StyleCaster


~ Fillers down there? That’s right: labiaplasty injections are now a thing, and here is everything you want to know about them. — Marie Claire


~ We’re all about catching more ZZZs here at CB. Here are helpful tips for falling and staying asleep, from keeping track of the lunar phases to eating more fiber. — Refinery29


~ Is your “ideal” weight really ideal? Here’s an interesting take on what those 5-10 pounds really are and why you should make peace with them. — Sakara Life


Image via Marie Claire

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