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Hair Repair - From Shelby Wild

Playa Boss Shelby Wild On Beachy Waves (Even In Winter), Hair Supplements, and De-stressing


October 31, 2017

Former NYC fashion stylist Shelby Wild traded in her designer heels for barefoot life on the beach.  To match her new California lifestyle of surf-and-go, Wild launched low key hair-care line Playa. The five-product line of everyday essentials is packed with years-in-the-making formulations that delicately balance natural oils and botanicals with clinically active ingredients for salon quality hair—without compromising integrity (we are obsessed with her Ritual Hair Oil). The result is texture that works with, not against the nuance of the hair for natural beach waves, no matter your zip code.

We asked Shelby for her tips on switching up seasonal hair care the minimalist way, and how to prevent strand-stress for healthy hair above all.

Should we switch shampoos in the winter? With the seasons?

Because Playa is so gentle on your hair and full of revolutionary ingredients derived from coconut and sunflower oil, there is no need to switch your shampoo because you aren’t stripping your hair of the oils it needs to be healthy. We love this so much because the less we have to do for our hair the better, and with only one shampoo, your regimen just got that much easier.

Should we switch up other hair products in the cabinet? Why?

We love switching up our products based on what our hair might need. The seasons change depending on where you live, and we love amping up our oils in the cooler months, and bringing on the texture in the summer. Learning how to mix your products to best suit you means you won’t have to switch up the routine as much.

Should I be taking any hair supplements? Do they actually work? Should I be enhancing my diet in any way for healthy and shiny hair?

Above all things, diet is number one. Reducing stress is number one. Self-love is number one. Learning what your body needs to properly function with whole foods, stress reduction and a little love will go a long way in hair and skin health. A lot of times we like things that are quick fixes, but those can just be a bandaid. Taking the time to pay attention to what you need will radiate from the inside out. If you need a little extra help on top of that, we love Nutrafol—an all natural supplement full of cortisol lowering, anti-inflammatory components which we can’t get enough of.

How do I keep that beachy natural hair look in the fall and winter? 

Beachy hair, although full of texture, also needs a ton of moisture. Try sleeping with oil in your hair, then shampooing it out in the morning. The moisture will be so good, and then you can spritz a little of the endless summer spray and twist one inch sections and leave them to dry. Once your hair is dry, add in the dry shampoo for soft, voluminous, beachy texture.

Who’s your hair muse?

Lauren Hutton, Linda Evangelista, Jean Seberg, Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss.

What’s your best piece of advice to keep hair full, healthy and shiny?

Eat whole foods and get enough collagen in your diet and get regular haircuts every 3 months. Use our Supernatural conditioner as a treatment every 2 weeks, and the Ritual Oil each week in between during the cool months. Your hair and your confidence will be soaring.

Image: Shelby Wild hanging with her gorgeous locks in California


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