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The Best Beauty And Wellness Lessons From 2017
Point Of View

20 Things I Learned in 2017


December 24, 2017

One of my favorite things about Charlotte’s Book is meeting and talking to so many knowledgeable women through our Charlotte Talks To series, our Beauty Files, and our directory of experts. As you know, a lot of work goes into selecting our experts: we verify each and everyone’s credentials, training, and reputations. And through all the conversations, I learn a lot! So I put together my top 20 takeaways from 2017. Here they are:

1. French fries are bad. (Okay, we already knew that.) But celebrity nutritionist Keri Glassman confirmed my deepest, darkest fears. Sadly, the only healthy way to eat them is to make them at home. Darn it.

2. Aside from being the queen of home microneedling, Jamie O’Banion also has great fitness hacks. She travels with a set of resistance bands so she can work out in her hotel room. “They take up no space and are highly effective,” she told us. “I also keep a set in my office and hook them onto the door handle to do core and shoulder exercises when I’m on a lengthy conference call.” Such a great idea!

3. Our readers love body contouring content! This year, CB contributor Tatiana Boncompagni’s account of trying out TruSculpt 3D was one of our most popular pieces on non-invasive body procedures.

4. Okay, I’m still thinking about french fries. But, guess what? If you do decide to indulge, you can burn some calories with a hot bath! It’s true!

5. Ulthera works. And now you can get a lighter, less painful version of it.

6. Sarah Kugelman reminded me that stress is a serious issue that affects you from the inside out. To manage her own stress, she has regular appointments with a kinesiologist, acupuncturist, massage therapist, and esthetician. (Hopefully they’re all in the Charlotte’s Book Directory!) Sarah also told us that stress can cause adult acne, accelerated aging, irritation, and dryness. And the eyes are usually where you can first spot signs of stress, which explains why skyn ICELAND’s signature product is a firming eye gel!

7. Another great way to deal with stress? Try taking adaptogens. Everyone’s been talking about them this year, and for good reason. This beauty nutritionist swears by them.

8. Chin up about your double chin! We learned that Kybella really works. One of our readers tried it and had great results.

9. I was reminded why Helena Christensen is my ultimate #girlcrush. She told us about some of her fave products (she loves Joanna Vargas Vitamin C Face Wash and Rodin Olio Lusso Face Oil). And we found out that Helena’s a fan of simple breakfasts: every morning she eats porridge with a lump of butter, brown sugar, and banana slices. Or she opts for a soft boiled egg with grapefruit, and yogurt with granola and berries.

10. You can kiss your bra goodbye in just 10 days, with the right surgeon.

11. Bobbi Brown shared her simple skincare routine with us, and told us she loves the home microcurrent device NuFace.

12. There’s a new way to fight cellulite. It hurts. But it’s effective.

13. Experts disagree on whether microcurrent can replace Botox, but we learned they can definitely be used together. In fact, they are complementary.

14. Hairstylist and Playa haircare maven (and our #haircrush) Kristen Shaw uses Earth Tu Face’s Face Balm in the morning and at night. She also uses Playa products for her hair (obviously) and occasionally uses Veggie Miracle Conditioner by Davines for a treatment. Hearing this, I started using Playa and Davines, and let’s just say my hair is very happy and shiny as a result.

15. Celebs are secretly using Xeomin so they can say they don’t use Botox!

16. Model trainer Heather Marr told us that being “model fit” is not about starving yourself and working out for hours; it’s about maximizing time in the gym and training smart. And you don’t necessarily have to cut carbs. That’s something we can definitely get onboard with.

17. There are some seriously differing opinions about threading facelifts.

18. PRP is not only being used for Vampire Facials, but also for hair regrowth.

19. “Barbie” vaginas are a thing! (But this OBGYN says no vagina is ugly.)

20. Collagen supplements aren’t really that effective. Nutritionist Corina Crysler told us we should focus on eating collagen-boosting foods and let our bodies do the work. Corina also broke down all the supplement-related buzzwords for us this year and how to detox with supplements.


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