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The Weekly Charlotte's Book Roundup

What We’re Reading Now: Hilary Swank Launches Luxe Clothing Line, How to Cope with Holiday Stress, and Much More…


December 23, 2016

You’re working, you’re moisturizing, and you’re sleeping—you’re busy. We know. Don’t have time to scour the web for the best skincare, anti-aging, nutrition, and wellness articles every week? Charlotte’s got you. The best of the week is right here.


~ Throw a little Swank in your wellness game. Academy Award-winning actress Hilary Swank shares her definition of wellness, how it’s changed over time, and the birth of her new Mission Statement clothing line that allows the modern-day woman to seamlessly transition from workout to work. — The Coveteur


~ The most wonderful, er, stressful time of year is upon us. Here are the biggest stressors of the holiday season and how to cope with them. — SELF


~ A pregnant brain is a smarter one. A recent study published in Nature Neuroscience shows that pregnancy changes a women’s brain structure in a very specific way. — Harper’s Bazaar


~ Cindy Crawford thinks we should embrace the aging process. The 50-year-old supermodel recently shared her advice on how to deal with getting older in a world that’s obsessed with staying young. — NewBeauty


~ Is there lead lurking in your lipstick? Unfortunately, the answer is: probably, yes. But thankfully, the FDA just proposed new limits on the amount of lead in lipstick. — Well + Good


~ Saunas are good for the skin, and the brain! A recent study conducted in Finland reveals that using a sauna can lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. — The New York Times


~ Khloé Kardashian shed 11 pounds by eliminating one food from her diet. The fit reality TV  star shares her approach to eating, her go-to healthy snacks, and the one thing she gave up to lose weight quickly— Health


~ What’s floating in the air may be wreaking havoc on your skin. Increased exposure to air-borne pollution can lead to major skin issues such as hyperpigmentation and inflammation, and here’s what you can do about it. — StyleCaster


Image via The Coveteur

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