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Our Most Read Stories Of 2016

Most-Read Stories Of 2016: Botox, Breast Implants, And Pimple Cures


December 28, 2016

You came, you saw, you clicked: we love the Charlotte’s Book community, and we’re so happy we got to spend 2016 with you! Wondering what everyone else clicked on this year?¬†Turns out we all love boobs, Botox, and we’re always looking for a way to skim off a few pounds‚ÄĒthe easy way.

1. We investigated the important question:¬†Do Non-Invasive Body Contouring Treatments Really Work?¬†Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.¬†Body contouring continues to be the most clicked-on topic and most popular via reader questions and reader comments.

2. We learned that Betadine Is A Great Cure For Pimples. Who knew?¬†Charlotte’s Book editors were on the case and our experts helped us¬†get to the bottom of this weird cure.

3. Sometimes it’s hard to tell:¬†Are Those Things Real? Apparently how to get natural-looking breast implants is¬†on everyone’s mind. And learning exactly what you need to know to get them done right is really important. We get so many inquiries on breast implants we’re planning a whole slew of articles on this topic for 2017.

4.¬†Money rules…most of the time. And we wanted to learn more about¬†Tipping Etiquette At Medical Spas And Doctor’s Offices‚ÄĒturns out you were curious, too.

5. We explain Dermaplaning in our treatment resource, and this was one of our most trafficked pages of 2016. Clearly shaving-but-not-shaving is something you were curious about!

6. The effects of hormones and birth control on your skin can be brutal and frustrating. Hormonal acne is a topic we plan to cover a lot more in 2017, but for now, you really loved Birth Control And Your Skin.

7. Is Botox The Same As Dysport? Well‚ÄĒour Botox page in our treatment resource as well as What’s The Difference Between Botox, Dysport, Xeomin were¬†super-popular this year. Essentials!

8. Thermage and skin tightening is almost as hot a topic as body contouring on Charlotte’s Book. And when we talked about Gwyneth Paltrow’s Neck Tightening Treatment,¬†we got a whole lot of clicks.

9. We wanted a little lip enhancement, but we were afraid to look overdone. Then this year they came out with Restylane Silk, especially made for lip enhancement. So, We Got (Subtle) Lip Injections.

10. Our Cosmetic Treatment By Age series continues to get lots of clicks: We tackled the 20s and 30s, the 40s, and the 50s and 60s.


ICYMI: in 2016 we went in-depth on collagen consumption, griped about wildly expensive yoga pants, did a few online workouts, and decried waist-training. 


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