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Are you storing your stem cells for long term beauty?

Are You Storing Your Stem Cells Yet?


May 5, 2016

For centuries, we humans have been seeking unique ways to ward off aging, both in terms of beauty and disease. But most solutions were along the lines of medieval women using crocodile fat as wrinkle cream; a long line of so-called solutions. These days, as this article from CNN Money reveals, with big money funding big research, there is newfound evidence that the best anti-aging secret has been on the inside all along—in our very own stem cells, that is.

Several companies are now offering stem cell and genome storage services as an insurance policy to help you turn back the clock when your time comes. Cells can be used to boost your immune system, repair damaged organs, or even build completely new ones.

The target demographic? Rich and young. We learned that this is a rather expensive endeavor (think tens of thousands of dollars), and, “the cells are extracted, preferably when the patient is on the younger side—around 30 is said to be a good age—and can then be used to boost an immune system or help to rebuild damaged organs later.”

At some doctors, the procedure can cost $15,000 for the initial extraction, which includes a year of storage. After that, storage costs $50 per month.


Genes are everything: here’s why you should talk to your mom about it.
Plus—if you’re not storing your stem cells at 30, here’s the alternative.


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