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Looking For The Best YouTube Skincare & Wellness?

YouTube: We Curated The Best Of Skincare & Wellness


May 31, 2016

Have a question about a new anti-aging ingredient, facial device or cosmetic trend? If you’re like the majority of the world, your first resource is the internet. And as most millennials know, you can learn just about anything on YouTube, the second largest search engine around.

YouTube has something for everyone, including the beauty-obsessed: there are tons of how-to videos, hauls, reviews and much more. Like other social platforms, YouTube can easily pull you into its black hole of random, time-wasting antics. We’ve navigated through the good, the bad and the endless cat videos to round up our top 5 beauty/aesthetics channels to subscribe to today. Our favorites include experts in the fields of aesthetics, makeup, modeling and dermatology—they not only look great in front of the camera, but have crucial credentials for sound advice.


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Lisa Eldridge (pictured above) is a powerhouse beauty expert and makeup artist to the stars. She’s worked with countless red carpet A-listers including Kate Winslet, Cindy Crawford and Uma Thurman (just to name a few). Between magazine shoots, runway shows and authoring a best-selling book, Eldridge has managed to make time for her very own YouTube channel—and we couldn’t be more grateful. Undoubtedly, she spills the beans on an array of makeup looks from editorial, every day and vintage/iconic but also gives priceless beauty and skin care tips she’s learned throughout her career. We love hearing the skincare tips and tricks by this pro, because as you know, there’s nothing that makes makeup look better than a perfect canvas.


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Dr. Sandra Lee, MD is a board-certified dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon and regular on-air expert on various television shows. She’s also referred to as “Dr. Pimple Popper.” Remember when we said there is something for everyone on YouTube? Yes, you can watch her perform loads of blackhead and cyst extractions (if your stomach can handle it) but we warn: do not try this at home. The pimple popping has become quite a sensation with particularly hard to handle extractions getting shared all over the internet, like this recent doozy last month. Dr. Lee knows what she’s doing and advises in her videos that at-home picking can lead to scarring. She has over 700K followers on her main channel but we gravitated toward her new channel, Dr. Pimple Popper University.


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Ruth Crilly is a model veteran who’s trotted the globe working on brand campaigns for household brands like Olay and magazine spreads in glossies including Vogue, Elle and Glamour, for over a decade. She’s known for more than her stunning, quirky look: she is also the author of A Model Recommends and subsequent YouTube channel. Crilly was studying law before her modeling career took off, and although she didn’t follow the law path, she continued her studies and boasts degrees in English literature and creative writing. Throughout her career she’s naturally picked up the tools of the trade and shares product reviews, makeup tutorials and healthy advice and tips on topics ranging from diet to skin care to breastfeeding. Crilly became a mother last year and chronicles baby news in her new blog, Although she’s experienced an ultra glamourous life as a leading model, she speaks to her YouTube subscribers of over 300K in a friendly, informative and judgement-free manner and offers healthy, constructive and realistic advice.


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Tati Westbrook of GlamlifeGuru is the queen of beauty content, producing up to five videos per week! Her subscriber base of over 1.5 million values her insightful and honest reviews on an array of cosmetic and skin care products – from drugstore to high-end. In fact, Westbrook does us all a favor by test driving super-luxe cosmetics in her WTF Series where she reviews expensive items from face masks to nail polish and dishes on whether she would recommend making the investment. Westbrook has been in the Youtube game for over five years now and has reached true guru status. Wondering about a particular product or brand? She’s likely tried it – just use the search tool within her channel and prepare for a beauty binge.


WATCH: Anita’s Skincare Routine and FACE YOGA MASSAGE // Feel Good, Look Good

Anita Goa is a blend of yoga and wellness and beauty all in one—she looks simply amazing at 43. Her videos range from beginner instructional to 6o-minute, more advanced vinyasa flows, and the real reason we love her is her obsession with skincare and healthy eating (she admits to masking every day!).

Yoga With Adriene is all about simple, 30-minute classes, and she also recently posted a month-long yoga “camp” with daily classes. 


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Do you YouTube? What channels do you follow? Let us know in the comments below.


Like to exercise with the internet, too? Try AKT: we love it, and we love Anna Kaiser.
If you think pimple-popping videos are nuts, check out Snapchat’s Dr. Miami.


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