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Should You Use Rob Lowe's New Skincare Line?

Rob Lowe Breaks the Cardinal Law of Anti-Aging, But He Still Remains Ageless


June 16, 2016

Rob Lowe is an ageless wonder, a god among men (my husband, in particular).  I found this out a little while back while out to dinner on vacation in Hawaii. My husband could not stop staring at someone behind me. His eyes glued to something gorgeous as if I didn’t exist. Was Elle McPherson in the restaurant? My husband finally confessed, “Don’t look now but the best looking man I have ever seen in my life is sitting behind you. I think it’s Rob Lowe. But…he looks so young? He looks like The Outsiders version of Rob Lowe. How does he not age?”

It was most definitely Rob Lowe. Hard to admit, I coyly followed him to the restroom so I could stand in line behind him and get a closer look. Despite being absolutely gorgeous, the man has somehow stopped father time in his tracks.

So when he released his new men’s skincare line late last year, PROFILE, I wanted to know all about it.  Should I buy it for my husband? Should I be using it, too? I was deterred by Fashionista‘s honest review. They got a few men to try it out and it got mixed feedback, but that’s normal for any new, especially celebrity-endorsed, product.  So I dug a little deeper.

Lowe built the company from the ground up—financing, picking the labs, and product testing, etc.—with some consultation from his wife Sheryl Berkoff, a makeup artist. He has told media outlets it was a true labor of love. 

The line, six years in the making, launched with five products meant to be used together as a regimen. Prices range from $24.50 for a shave gel to $59.50 for a post-shave serum. The products are: the ACTION Rehydration Cleanser, $27.50, a hydrating cleanser based on botanical ingredients like aloe vera leaf juice; the PRO-COMFORT Triple Action Shave Gel, $24.50, it contains alpha-hydroxy acids to help exfoliation while also including moisturizing and soothing ingredients like iris moss and oat extract; RECHARGE Age Combating Serum, $59.50, a peptide filled anti-aging serum; LIFT Anti-Gravity Moisturizer, $57.50, a soothing moisturizer based on botanical elements; and REVIVE Under Eye Rescue.

These all contain great ingredients, packed with total anti-aging powers…but there was one major problem that everyone seemed to notice: not one of these products contains sunscreen. We all know that if there is one thing you do in the name of anti-aging it’s put on sunscreen every day.

After further development, Lowe’s line finally released DEFEND Hydrating Facial Sunscreen. My husband, eager to look like the best looking man in the world, asked me, “Should I buy this? You always tell me I need to wear sunscreen—now I can buy Rob Lowe’s sunscreen.”

The answer, my dear husband, is no. Unfortunately, it’s only an SPF of 15. And furthermore, it’s a chemical sunscreen and not a physical one. Rob, we are not satisfied.

When asked about his own skincare routine, Lowe said, “I use our Pro-Comfort shave gel. I shave in the shower with that, and then I use the shave serum after. Most of the line has the age-combating elements, which, at my age, are really important to have, particularly because men don’t realize that you start losing them at 20. So I just use this as I would hope that our first customers would use it. I then use the under-eye cream to help with the puffiness and anti-aging. And then the cleanser. The scent of the cleanser is why it’s one of my favorite products. If I am in a rush, my regimen is fairly simple: I wash my face, splash some water and use the eye cream. I carry this product with me everywhere I go. If I don’t have enough time to do the full regimen, I just do this and I’m off.”

Hmm, still no sunscreen, Rob?

Still, Rob Lowe does have some good advice to offer to your husbands and boyfriends: “Don’t neglect your skin. Develop a routine and stick to it. Cleanser, moisturizer, and eye cream are your friends.” (And Sunscreen, Rob!) He also adds, “I take very good care of myself, I don’t drink, I work out a lot. I’ve learned some tricks over the years.”

Not sure how Rob stays so ageless without sun protection—outer-worldly, I suppose—but I’m not letting my hubby take such risks. I’m making him wear Drunk Elephant SPF 30 daily because it’s chock full of zinc, and only the best for my man.  Sorry we are passing on your products, Rob, but we still love you, very much indeed.

Image via The New Daily News


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