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Springtime is Skintime

Springtime is Skintime — Inspiration To Reboot And Refresh


March 18, 2017


Peeling back the layers of winter both mentally and physically can be achieved by performing subtle gestures that yield dramatic results. Spring offers an opportunity for renewal and deepening our connection to the energy we create within ourselves and our circle. I’m not necessarily talking about changes, more like moving through the world and connecting with a refreshed purpose.

The energy we radiate is felt by those around us. Creating a welcoming air and really being conscious of the “energy” we surround people with has the power to alter our day-to-day lives, not to mention our relationships. Let the season of renewal present you with a chance to refocus how you move through the world. How much kindness are you capable of? Daily meditations on kindness can be as simple as stepping back and letting someone else “go first” or smiling when you catch someone’s eye instead of looking down.


Your beauty and wellness can benefit from a spring reboot too. Eating green in the season of change is easy and with so many skin-friendly foods readily available, you’re sure to get your post-winter glow back. My first go-to is pesto. I make so much pesto in spring that I like to save it in jars for the freezer and give to friends as gifts. It’s as simple as a couple handfuls of greens, a clove of garlic, the nut of your choice (I prefer walnuts), some rich olive oil and salt. All of those ingredients are superfoods supporting your health from the inside out. How about recommitting to a dry brushing routine? Did you fall off the wagon? What a great way to literally brush away the last of winters chill than with some lymphatic detox followed by a soothing, warm shower?


Springtime is skintime. I cannot stress the use of antioxidants enough. You want to go into summer feeling confident and glowing, and antioxidants are key. They are the absolute best way to keep your skin fresh on a daily basis and the longterm effects are brighter, more firmly toned skin. You might also consider some more invasive collagen-boosting treatments before the summer heat prevents it. Now is the time for deep exfoliation to prep for a fresh summer face. Mark a new start now, a recommitment to our best self. Let this spring be a season of kindness and beauty that radiates out from you and encourages the beauty and kindness of others.


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Spring is also a great time to clear a personal space for meditation.



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