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A Quick Rulebook: The Ultimate Guide To Holistic Beauty


April 11, 2017

All women want to feel and look beautiful.

‚ÄúWhat should I eat to increase my glow factor?‚ÄĚ is a popular question¬†from my female clients.

We all know by now that the best and most sustainable way to achieve this is from the inside out. When working with others, I like to impress upon them the importance of a holistic approach. There is much power in combining various practices to achieve radiance: with that in mind, I wrote these twelve essential elements of holistic beauty.


I love¬†Beauty Dust¬†from¬†Moon Juice. It‚Äôs a Chinese herbal formulation that contains schisandra, which is an adaptogenic berry that cleanses the liver, reduces stress, and helps radiate the skin, plus pearl, which is highly mineralizing. I also really love¬†Ashitaba from Sun Potion. It’s a robust beauty-amplifying and anti-aging plant (in powdered form) that is a gem to¬†add to smoothies, teas, and elixirs. Sprinkle either of these and blend into your favorite smoothie,¬†dairy-free milk, morning tea, or take it straight up with 6-8 ounces of water like a badass.


This is my (not so) secret weapon. Removing trapped toxicity and undigested food (which we all have sitting in the gut) is a game changer. And no, it will not remove the good bacteria that we need for healthy digestion and assimilation. If you are worried about that aspect, up your fermented vegetable intake and take a high-quality probiotic after your treatment (see below).


I like¬†Friendly Force from Health Force Nutritionals. If things are stuck (as in you’re not going to the bathroom on the regular), chances are it shows in your face and body.

Taking a high-quality probiotic can get things moving in conjunction with eating the right food plan for you. Whichever probiotic you choose, make sure to switch it up periodically and include other types so that your system gets inoculated with many different strains.


I recommend¬†Greener Grasses from Health Force Nutritionals¬†and¬†Green Spectrum (original flavor) from Purium. I am partial to fresh,¬†‚Äúalive‚ÄĚ greens in fresh juice¬†form but these powders are both 100% whole food power-source formulas that will absolutely up your radiance quotient. Bump up your smoothies with more alkalinity, trace minerals, vital nutrients, and phytonutrients‚Ķ all digestible beauty.


Make sure you’re sweating it out. I love¬†infrared saunas¬†and they are ideal, but they aren‚Äôt always accessible. Regular saunas work, too. When you sweat out toxicity/heavy metals/excess fluids you will see even more of your beauty emerge.

(Hot tip: steam rooms merely mist the skin while saunas penetrate deep into the cells and tissues, making them way more effective.) Higher Dose and The Alchemist’s Kitchen are great resources for infrared sauna-ing.


Aim to minimize your alcohol and caffeine intake, which both deplete and dehydrate the body.

Yes, there are many studies that the resveratrol from red wine is chock full of antioxidants. However, you can find resveratrol in different food sources (red grapes, blueberries, Itadori tea, and 100% dark chocolate without refined sugar). Alcohol is simply not a health-generating substance. Does one need to abstain entirely?

Absolutely not.

However, limiting intake will make your liver and kidneys happy, your under-eyes less puffy, and keep your overall complexion more radiant.

Caffeine can be harsh on the adrenal glands, the small glands that sit on top of each kidney. These tiny powerhouse glands produce sex hormones and cortisol. Cortisol helps regulate stress. When the adrenal glands get out of whack (due to too much stress, over-indulgence of caffeine, intake of processed foods/sugar, they will either produce too little or too much of these important hormones. And then the body becomes depleted. And then it inevitable shows up on our face and in our skin tone.


Studies show that meditation can literally change and upgrade your brain, reduce stress (a beauty-killer), and create more space for joy in your life!

Definitely beautifying!!


Hopefully we all know by now that staying hydrated is key to feeling and looking beautiful. The body is comprised of roughly 70% water (same as the earth) and requires adequate amounts of this life supporting liquid so that the system can function optimally. A well- hydrated body can help create a fresh, glowing complexion.


The main culprits that contribute to a clogged, weighed-down system will also directly affect skin quality: wheat, gluten,¬†pasteurized cow dairy, processed soy,¬†refined sugar.¬†Want to shine bright like a diamond?¬†Eat clean. Here’s my simple, surprising¬†clean-eating guide.


Moving the body is key for circulation, flexibility, energy, and keeping the system young. Think about how fresh-faced you look after any type of workout. Oxygen = radiance!!


When we ignore our intuition, it can get us into some pretty sticky situations that otherwise could have been avoided. Being in alignment and following our own innate wisdom leads to more glow from the inside out.


‚ÄúLaughter is the sun that drives winter from the face.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄĒ Victor Hugo


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