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Drink The Right Rosé And Avoid A Terrible Hangover


May 17, 2017

It’s rosé season. And just like GQ says, we’ve “gotten past the awful ‘brosé’ trend pieces and pink wine no longer tastes like melted down Jolly Ranchers blitzed with half a cup of sugar.” Not only does rosé not suck, it might be the most delicious form of wine, and it’s not just a trend: it’s here to stay, and we’re planning to drink it.

So what’s the best kind of rosé to buy, and how can you avoid a wine hangover?

Just to be clear, every brand of rosé will give you a hangover if you drink too much—we’re not claiming to have found the holy grail of hangover-free rosés. Instead, we’ve put together a few tips to both have the best rosé drinking experience and the least amount of hangover in the morning.

Grant Reynolds, sommelier and partner at Charlie Bird and Pasquale Jones, gave GQ these rosé-selecting tips; the hangover recommendations are from our own CB-approved practitioners, of course.


Not all pinks are created equal, so pay attention to color. Lighter pinks tend to come from the Bandol region of Provence, which means they’re Bandol-style or Provençal, and that’s the birthplace of rosé. They’re crisp, light, refreshing and straightforward.

Avoid the labels that look like a room of twenty-somethings designed them. A cute label doesn’t equal good wine! (sorry, Fat Jew). Just trust your taste buds, and if you feel like you’re being swayed by the design, step on over to a bottle featuring an old chateaux. Those aren’t necessarily good either, but they deserve your time, too.

Pay up. Wines from Bandol (see above) are generally $5 – $10 more than other rosés, but it’s worth it. Plus, these wines are often organic or from smaller producers: Organic wine is widely regarded as the most healthful alcohol to consume, because of its lower alcohol levels, drink-for-drink, and the lack of additives.


Pop some prickly pear pills. CB-verified nutritionist and lifestyle consultant Meredith Geller says popping some prickly pear (also called Nopal Cactus) can seriously help to ease the pain. Incorporate a product like Nopal Blood Sugar ($20) into your pre-party and post-party regime, taking the recommended dosage 1-2 hours before cocktailing and 1 hour after. Nopal Cactus contains amino acids, fiber and antioxidants that help combat sluggishness and aide in a morning-after detox. (Medical note for diabetics and insulin users: due to Nopal Cactus’ natural effect of assisting the moderation of blood sugar and insulin levels, check with your health care practitioner, as insulin dosages may need be to be adjusted.)

Drink Hot Water With Lemon. CB-verified nutritionist Dana James says,”Hot water and lemon is the de rigueur morning drink of the wellness tribe, but it’s also a pre-imbibing elixir if you want to ease a hangover. The lemon juice helps to stimulate the bile flow which quickly clears incoming toxins (i.e ethanol) and the water hydrates your cells so your blood alcohol levels don’t skyrocket at your first boozy sip.

Get To The Gym The Morning Of (Not In The Evening). Says Dana James, “In my 20s I’d run right before getting ready to go out. The theory… I’d burn off the calories I was about to drink. But no matter how much water I drank after my run, it wasn’t enough to fully hydrate me. Half a glass of wine and I’d be ready to dance on the bar! Now a little wiser, I train in the morning and absolutely avoid hot yoga before a boozy night out!”

Eat Red Meat And Greens For Dinner. Dr. Jason Burke, MD, an anesthesiologist dubbed “The Hangover Specialist,” says to make sure your meal contains red meat, which has an especially high concentration of amino acids and B vitamins that help process the nasty byproducts of alcohol.

Dana James says, “Bitter vegetables like artichoke, kale, arugula, broccoli rabe, dandelion greens, endive and radicchio contain glucosinolates which increases glutathione, the body’s most hardworking antioxidant. Glutathione helps to quickly neutralize and clear alcohol from the body so there is less cellular inflammation, which can lead to post-drinking blues.”

Image: The Fat Jew


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