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How to detox properly
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Yes, There’s A Right Way To Detox: Very Carefully


May 2, 2017

Detoxing means to rid the body of toxins and unhealthy substances. But the word detox is thrown around a lot, and treating the process casually can lead to dangerous eating patterns—especially in individuals who have suffered from eating issues. The safest and most healthy way to achieve a cleanse or detox of the system is through clean eating and eliminating any processed foods, alcohol, salt, coffee, foods high in fat etc. The idea is not to starve yourself, but to nourish your body with clean foods in order for your body to flourish.

Be Prepared

The best way to have a successful cleanse is to be prepared. I like to provide a meal plan or a list of foods to eat and foods to avoid for my clients.

For example: you should eat vegetables, but stay away from starchy veggies like corn, potatoes etc. Nuts are a great source of protein (almonds, walnuts, cashews) but stay away from salted peanuts, which are high in salt content. In terms of meat, fresh fish like salmon and tuna are great, and very nourishing. You should eat organic or free-range chicken, duck, turkey etc. You want to stay away from processed meats like hot dogs.

Liquids Are Your Friend; So Are Supplements

Liquids are what will really fill you up, hydrating and nourishing your vital organs. Drinking green tea is an excellent resource packed with antioxidants and more.

In addition to clean eating and drinking, supplementing is encouraged! I have created my own blend of a detox powder that you can incorporate into your drink or smoothie. Our detox blend gently cleanses the organs responsible for keeping your body balance. Our unique composition of ingredients targets the bowels, liver and kidney, freeing up any blockages that are keeping you from your true glow.

Tips For Getting Started

*Start eliminating some of the foods or drinks from your diet that are not allowed during the cleanse. If you drink 3 cups of coffee a day drink only one.

*Prepare your kitchen! Set a grocery list of ingredients and foods that you can eat and drink so you are not left starving. A few items to grab: herbal teas, kale, almonds, strawberries, chia seeds, salmon, veggies etc.

*Partner up with a friend. Sometimes it’s just easier when you have someone else to detox with!

*Journal how you feel each day. It’s important to notice how you feel in the beginning, middle and end. You will be amazed at your increase in energy, sharpness, digestion, skin glow and more.

*Meditate during your cleanse to aid with clearing your mind and balancing your mental and physical well-being. I suggest avoiding any intense workouts during a cleanse to allow the body to relax, heal and detox.

*Once your cleanse is complete try to ease back into incorporating foods that you were not eating before. You may find that you no longer desire those 2 cups of coffee. Listen to your body!


Supplements? We’ve tried quite a few, including a few different collagen supplements.
If you’re just trying meditation, here’s a quick-start guide.


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