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September 28, 2015

Liz Taylor, Cara Delevingne, Cruella de Vil, Lauren Bacall, Mr. Spock, Madonna, and even Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes: there’s no denying the power of the brow. Rose Prieto, Aesthetician, Electrologist, and expert brow-shaper, gives us a class on the basics.

1. Tweeze, Don’t Wax

My goal (yes, truly) is to empower all women, especially young women, to take control of the shape of their eyebrows. I teach them that brow shaping by way of “hand manipulation” (not waxing) is the only way to precisely shape the eyebrow. Does it take five minutes? Heck no! However, the end result is a fabulous precision eyebrow that perfectly lifts and balances the face. In my opinion, waxing and threading compromise the shape of the eyebrow. Hand tweezing is the only way.

2. One Size Does Not Fit All 

A client of mine may love a celebrity’s eyebrow, but I always teach them to maintain the integrity of their own. New clients spend up to 45 minutes with me as I teach them about their specific brow’s anatomy and how to map out the original form. Honor your natural shape!

3. Once You Have a Map, Stick To It

On-the-go shaping is a no-no, because eyebrows need a plan, a guide. This is not a manicure.


4. Do. Not. Over. Pluck.

As an electrologist I can confidently tell you that eyebrow hairs do not eventually grow back (without serious encouragement; more on that next). Years of over-waxing or over-plucking can render the hair follicles inactive.

5. Didn’t Follow The Rules? There’s Still Hope

Brow 911 issues are something I see in my studio almost everyday. New clients call me in desperate need of help, because years of over-waxing have rendered their once-full brows sparse and thin, but there is hope. There are topical serums, both chemical and natural (Indeed’s Peptalash) as well as supplements to encourage hair growth (biotin, Viviscal). Other options are brow extensions, semi-permanent brow ink and permanent makeup.

6. Be Patient!

Brows can take up to six months (or longer) to grow back, so patience is a virtue.

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