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What is a nutricosmetic, exactly?
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What The H*ll Is a Nutricosmetic And Do You Need One? [10 MIN. VIDEO]


June 12, 2017

A few weeks ago, we sat down with Corina Crysler, an expert nutritionist and founder of GliSOdin. We peppered her with questions about nutricosmetics (what the heck is with this trend?) and filmed the whole thing: it’s packed with insane information. Is it the the most technologically advanced video? No, not exactly: it’s our first foray into making expert Q&A videos for Charlotte’s Book (we’re working on it!). Thank you to amazing staffer Stephanie Fantauzzi for pulling this together.

Highlights and takeaways from the video—which you can find here on YouTube—below. Stay tuned for the next video, where we grill Corina on collagen supplements.

Can you explain what exactly a nutricosmetic is?

It’s a natural health product formulated specifically for skin and beauty benefits. Whereas a supplement or vitamin might deal with a specific deficiency in the body, a nutricosmetic covers skin specifically.

Should someone take a nutricosmetic in addition to their vitamin regimen?

100% yes.

When will you see results after taking a nutricosmetic?

If you’re taking a supplement for hydration in the skin, you should start noticing a difference in a few weeks. If you’re taking it for acne, pigmentation or other skin concerns, expect to wait 60 days. Pigmentation is usually the longest issue to solve and can be longer. Your skin needs to do a lot of repairing before pigmentation issues can be addressed.

What’s the most important nutricosometic to take for any age?

Corina says antioxidants are key, and it’s all because of inflammation and its effects on aging, skin, collagen breakdown, elasticity, pigmentation, and dehydration. Corina says start with antioxidants and then layer on what you need for specific skin concerns like acne or dehydration.

These are just a few nuggets of supplement wisdom from Corina. If you make it past the five-minute mark, Corina discusses how to read a nutricosmetic label. Hint: you get what you pay for. Good supplements mean quality supplements, and just because it’s sold in Whole Foods doesn’t necessarily mean it’s high quality.

One last note on coffee…

We hate to break it to you, but coffee is considered an anti-nutrient. So don’t take your supplements with coffee! Wait least 20 minutes to drink coffee after you take your supplements. Who knew?! Thanks for the tip, Corina.



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