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It's Bacne Season - Follow These Steps To Banish Bacne

It’s Bacne Season: How To Fix It


June 21, 2017

Warm summer weather brings with it the promise of al fresco celebrations and skin-baring fashions. Some of us count the days, hours, and minutes for the first sign of summer, but not all of us. For those who suffer from body acne, the season of skin can cause anxiety long before it starts.

Bacne Nightmares

I remember suffering from cystic bacne (also on my chest) as a teen, and it haunted me. I hated the summertime. While my friends were frolicking on the beach and laughing it up at keg parties (I hope my mom isn’t reading this!) I was home obsessing over how to survive the heatwave. I also cut gym class quite bit, so much so that to this day (I’m a 46 year old woman, thank you) I have nightmares of going up to get my diploma, only to be denied because of gym absences.

Eventually my skin cleared up, and I went on to become a beauty and skincare expert (!). Many of my clients have been booking back-polishing treatments now that summer is hot on our heels. Low back dresses and beach weekends have everybody wondering what’s going on “back there.”

Why does bacne happen?

There are several reasons why you may be experiencing bacne. Oily skin creates extra sebum that attaches to hair, and may create infections under the skin. It’s possible that acne on face or body is being exacerbated by hormones; you might also be breaking out due to an unhealthy lifestyle that might include fried foods and too much dairy.

The Bacne Facial, explained

A good back facial should include a deep cleansing massage. Steam will help open the pores so that your esthetician can extract any infection or congestion beneath the skin surface. Like your face, the back has sebaceous glands that secrete oily sebum. After cleansing and gentle exfoliation your skincare professional will perform techniques to help prevent another breakout. Your skin will also be treated with hydrating lotions and serums to rebalance it’s moisture and aid in post-treatment healing.


There are a few things you can do today to prevent bacne tomorrow: wipe down your back before you go to bed, change your sheets more in the summer, and wear breathable fabrics.

But most of all, stop obsessing. I always tell me clients, “pimples crave attention”—don’t give it to them. Here’s to a glorious summer!

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You’re just a glass of rosé (and 15 minutes) away from reorganizing your beauty cabinet for summer.


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