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Dimpleplasty only takes thirty minutes, with very little downtime—but would you risk a couple cute dimples if you knew it could go horribly wrong?
Buyer Beware

Dimpleplasty: That’s Right, There’s A Surgery To Create Dimples


July 13, 2017

You heard us. Think dimples are cute? So do tons of people lining up for this thirty-minute procedure, according to Allure and others.

From Miranda Kerr to Kirsten Dunst to Gabrielle Union, some of the hottest celebs have dimples, and yeah—maybe they were born that way. But that’s not stopping the dimple-less believers.

Dr. Wright Jones, a double-board-certified plastic surgeon based in Atlanta, says the procedure is trending in part because it’s so quick, but the results are so profound. There’s “little downtime, enhancement of facial aesthetics, and lack of need for general anesthesia,” says Dr. Jones.

Here’s how it works: after a serious conversation (“where do you want your dimples to appear?”) the surgeon creates an incision in the patient’s mouth. “A defect is created in the cheek muscle, known as the buccinator,” explains Dr. Jones. “The muscle is then attached to the undersurface of the skin so that the dimples are seen upon animation, but not when the face is relaxed.”

If buying dimples ever sounded like a good idea to you, here’s where the story takes a turn. The cost is relatively unsurprising—ranging from $800-$2500 depending on the surgeon and the patient’s anatomy—but the terrifying part is that this procedure is almost impossible to reverse, and of course, risks are involved. If anything goes wrong, like if the doc misses that sweet dimple spot and you’re left with a random divot in your cheek, or unbalanced dimples, nothing can be done.

Says Dr. Jones, “Dimples could be overly dramatic, appear underwhelming, look unnatural, disappear with time, or even be located in the wrong place,” he says.

But hey—at CB, our motto is pretty simple. Do what you want! Get new dimples on your face! And then consider getting new dimples on your back. (Or not.)

Image: Cameron Diaz


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