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An Anti-Aging, Cancer-Fighting Chocolate Drink With Moon Juice Products
In The Kitchen

A Super Easy Recipe For A Cancer-Fighting, Anti-Aging Chocolate Drink


April 11, 2018

I’m not that great with recipes. And I rarely take the time to really “make” something. Short of my morning elixir—which I’m really proud of—I’m not the kind of person that takes the time to make smoothies. So I gravitate towards recipes that don’t involve a blender of any kind (I hate cleaning it!). The extent of my patience is throwing a few things into a cup and mixing with a spoon. So as you can imagine, most of the recipes in the Moon Juice cookbook aren’t ones I’d actually make. (Please read my hilarious and honest review.) Homemade nut milk anyone? No thanks.

BUT, after receiving a gift of the company’s Arousing Bliss pre-made mix, I became totally hooked on the taste and ease of this product. It’s become my go-to afternoon treat when I’m craving chocolate. And the best part? I just put it in hot water and add some almond milk or coconut milk (I am trying to be dairy free). And voila! Deliciousness!

Now, sadly, this product is sold out. And it has been for a while. In fact, I’ve been told that it might not be coming back at all. Why?! Even if the product is gone for good, I wasn’t ready to give up my afternoon treat, so I asked the glorious people at Moon Juice to tell me how to make it myself. And now, I want to share the recipe with you. I hope you try it and love it too.


½ tsp, Coconut Sugar
1½ tbsp, Cacao
3 tbsp, Tocotrienols
1 tsp, Sex Dust
1 tsp, Spirit Dust
8 oz, water or milk of choice

Blend on high and serve. (As I said, blending’s not for me. Though blending might make it better, stirring quickly with a spoon works great too.)


One of the key ingredients is Tocotrienols, a creamy nourishing fiber made from organic California rice. It’s a super concentrated source of vitamins E, D, and antioxidants. It has tissue-regenerating, inflammation-taming, toxin-reducing, and immunity- and muscle-boosting powers that directly reach the brain, liver, heart, lungs, and kidneys. (According to Amanda Chantal Bacon and Moon Juice, at least). We did some digging around and found that Dr. Perricone is a fan too. And Wikipedia cites this powerful study noting how Tocotrienols really do have anti-cancer properties, among other benefits.

Sex Dust is an adaptogenic blend of superherbs that helps you deal with stress and gives you creative energy. Spirit Dust is another blend, and contains supermushrooms that enhance feelings of well-being.


You can grab some coconut sugar on Amazon for $12, as well as the Sex Dust, $38, the Spirit Dust, $38, and raw cacao, $25. The Tocotrienols are available at ABC Home for $26.

Image via Moon Juice.



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