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The Weekly Charlotte's Book Roundup

What We’re Reading Now: Luxury Beauty Might Be Coming to Amazon, Pore Vacuums, and Much More…


July 28, 2017

You’re working, you’re moisturizing, and you’re sleeping—you’re busy. We know. Don’t have time to scour the web for the best skincare, anti-aging, nutrition, and wellness articles every week? Charlotte’s got you. The best of the week is right here.


~ You might be able to snag your favorite beauty brands on Amazon soon. Rumor has it Violet Grey and Amazon might be partnering up to bring more luxe beauty brands to the Amazon marketplace.  — The Cut


~ Cooling off: how we’re doing it all wrong. Chugging iced coffees and blasting the AC could actually be making us hotter.   — Sakara Life


~ Pore vacuums: what are they and do they really work? The latest trend in Korean beauty, pore vacuums supposedly suck the dirt from your pores, repair scars and wrinkles, and even out your complexion. This beauty editor put one to the test. — Well+Good


~ Thread lifts: a minimally invasive alternative to the face lift. Here’s the low down on the the skin-tightening procedure and why it’s becoming a more viable option. — Allure


~ Don’t feel guilty about your “guilty” pleasures. We all have them, including celebrities. From reality television to ice cream with tequila, these celebrity guilty pleasures remind us that it’s perfectly fine to indulge once in awhile.  — The Cut


~ Salt isn’t bad for everyone. Case in point: this woman was instructed to add more salt to her diet in order to keep from fainting. — Eater


~ Wait, what’s in my toothpaste? Two cosmetic dentists are dropping their toothpaste knowledge, including the ingredients you should avoid and the natural ingredients that actually work.   — The Coveteur


~ We all know we should use toner, but what the heck is it? Skincare experts clear up the toner mystery, including when to use it, how to apply it, and the best toners for each skin type.   — Allure


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