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The Weekly Charlotte's Book Roundup

What We’re Reading Now: Building Confidence with Kate Bosworth, Detox Myths Debunked and Much More…


September 22, 2017

You’re working, you’re moisturizing, and you’re sleeping—you’re busy. We know. Don’t have time to scour the web for the best skincare, anti-aging, nutrition, and wellness articles every week? Charlotte’s got you. The best of the week is right here.


~ How to feel more empowered, according to Kate Bosworth. From embracing wrinkles to her favorite meditation app, the actress and now producer shares her tips for boosting confidence— Byrdie


~ Detox myths, debunked. From all-liquid diets to when you should do it, here are all the things you thought you knew about detoxing— Sakara Life


~ Slow and steady wins the race. A recent study found that people who gradually and consistently lost weight over the course of 12 weeks were more likely to keep it off— The Washington Post


~ Do you know what perimenopause is? Most women don’t. But don’t worry; here’s everything you need to know about perimenopausethe period in a woman’s life right before menopause. — MindBodyGreen


~ Stress can manifest itself on your skin. Yikes. Here are the signs your skin is stressed and what you can do about it. — Well+Good


~ It’s safe if the label says “hypoallergenic,” right? Not necessarily. Here’s the truth behind the term “hypoallergenic” and why you shouldn’t take it at face value. — Allure


~ Skincare that gives you a bang for your buck. You don’t have to break the bank for quality skincare. Here are the best skincare finds for under $25. — Refinery29


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