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10 Products To Slim Down By Tonight

The Skinny On The Best Body Slimming Creams, Scrubs & Oils


March 17, 2016

Just as thereā€™s no magic wand for getting rid of belly bulges and dimpled rears (although some of the new non-invasive body contouring procedures can show some real results), thereā€™s no beauty potionĀ out there capable of performing miracles either. That doesnā€™t mean, however, that body slimming creams, scrubs and oils shouldnā€™t have a place on your bathroom shelf. In fact, most doctors agree that certain topical skincare ingredients can help improve the appearance of trouble zones, reducing the look of cellulite and making skin appear more toned and taught.

Dr. Dennis Gross, a New York City dermatologist, recommends his well-heeled clientele to look for products containing Vitamin C, which stimulates collagen and can improve skin firmness. Dr. Chia Chi Kao, a plastic surgeon in Santa Monica, California, recommends formulations containing peptides and retinols, which enhance collagen and elastin production and help thicken and plump skin, helping to mask cellulite. ā€œAll of the anti-aging ingredients that are good for the face are good for the body too,ā€ says Dr. Kao.

Manhattan-based dermatologist Dr. Gervaise Gerstner, meanwhile, likes products containing seaweed or algae and caffeine to temporarily flush excess fluids from the skin. The key word, of course, is temporary. As Dr. Doft, a New York City plastic surgeon, points out, most topical shaping creams can only ā€œtemporarily give the illusion of smoother skin.ā€ Smoke and mirrorsā€”but isnā€™t that what most of us consider magic, anyway. Here’s what’s in our bag of tricks:

La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Souffle Body Cream, $300.Ā Caffeine, caviar, willow bark and algae extracts stimulate circulation and richly hydrate the skin.

Elemis Spa Home Cellutox Active Body Oil, $40.Ā Seabuckthorn, sea fennel and juniper flush out toxins and hydrate skin.

10 Products To Slim Down By Tonight

Juara Invigorating Coffee Scrub, $33.Ā Caffeine and walnut shells improve circulation, exfoliate, and detoxify skin.

Caudalie Firming Concentrate,$35. Grape seed and lemon oils fight cellulite while cypress oil promotes circulation.

10 Products To Slim Down By Tonight


ShowĀ in top image from right to left:Ā 

BioElixia BodyShaper Cellulite Contour Cream, $49.Ā Caffeine, retinol, reservatrol, green tea, and Vitamin EĀ firm and plump skin to reduce the appearanceĀ of those dreaded dimples.

Bliss FatGirlSixPack, $38. Caffeine, amino acids and menthol stimulate, firm and tone skin.

AHAVA Firming Body Cream, $39. Vitamin E, caffeine, peptides and green tea extracts improve sagging and leave skin smooth and supple.

ORLANE PARIS Aqua Svelte Slimming Scrub, $65.Ā Caffeine, ginger essential oil and algae exfoliate dry skin, stimulate circulation and flush out excess fluids.

SkinCeuticals Body Tightening Concentrate, $78.TriPeptide, yeast extract, and rice protein increase hyaluronic acid production to improve skin volume and create a tighter skin appearance.


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