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At Last: The Ideal Hangover Breakfast


December 30, 2015

Brut got a little brutal? Champs got you feeling a little less like a champion? We were wondering—and several readers asked—in the event of an over-zealous celebratory evening, what’s the best thing to eat? Maybe you’re craving that seriously cheesy, bacon-filled, sausage-laced, flaky croissant sandwich: what if nothing but carbs will do? We reached out to Dana James, a CB verified nutritionist and member of our advisory board for answers. She gives us the recipe for your healthiest, most satisfying hangover fix:

Listen To Your Body: Get That Good Fat

Avocado on toast with lemon zest. If your body is saying no to a green juice or fruit for breakfast, listen to it—it may want some monounsaturated fat, and avocados have this is abundance. (Monounsaturated fat increases a hormone called adiponectin, which helps to regulate blood sugar levels that were disrupted by the previous night’s alcohol consumption.) Top the toast with lemon zest to help the liver clear out the last remnants of the alcohol.

Get A Dose Of Green

If you can stomach it, take a chlorophyll shot once you wake up. Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plants which helps to boost vitality levels and re-alkalize the body. This is a hangover eradicator in a green potion. If you have probiotics, take those too. The gut microflora helps remove toxins, including ethanol, from the body.

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