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The Best Of Streaming Fitness: No Jacket (& No Barre) Required

Brutal cold froze the pipes throughout New York this week—restaurants were shut down, the Bryant Park fountain froze solid, and lots of #arcticblast grams ensued.

When it’s that cold, leaving your house to work out just seems impossible. Why leave the heat and comfort of your apartment for something you can find online? Even in the nicest weather, an at-home workout is even easier than leaving your house for a run in the park—plus, it’s economical, both time-wise and wallet-wise.

We pulled together a few of our favorite streaming classes, with an emphasis on practicality (in other words: we’re not investing in a ballet barre). Let us know what you think, and if you have any other favorites!

 1. AKT — $50/mo

Essentially the gold standard in fitness streaming, AKT inMotion is Anna Kaiser’s crazy-intense, get-results dance cardio. Anna played a role in building Tracy Anderson’s choreography, so the pedigree is high. “I’m obsessed with Anna’s streaming classes because content changes regularly,” says CB Founder Robin Shobin, “and she makes it easy to work out without props or weights on hand. I am not coordinated at all but Anna has a great mix of moves that work for me.” Anna also has a killer YouTube channel. And if you happen to be in LA next week, sign up for her 5 day intensive training bootcamp.

 2. Anita Goa, Yoga With Adriene — YouTube

We learned about Anita Goa from our friends at DailyHarvest (if you haven’t tried their smoothie delivery service yet, do it! It’s a must). Anita’s blend of yoga and wellness is inspiring—she looks amazing at 43! Her videos range from beginner instructional to 6o-minute, more advanced vinyasa flows, and we love her obsession with skincare and healthy eating (she admits to masking every day!).

Yoga With Adriene is all about simple, 30-minute classes, and she also recently posted a month-long yoga “camp” with daily classes. For a more advanced at-home yoga class (serious pretzels), check out Leigha Butler.

3. Ramona Braganza, 3-2-1 App — $8

This is celeb fitness trainer Ramona Braganza’s 12-week training program all packed into one, easy app. Her system is called 3-2-1 because it blends three cardio moves, two strength circuits, and one core. But don’t worry—it won’t be the same every day.

4. FitFusion, $10/mo

Dubbed the Netflix of fitness, FitFusion features Jillian Michaels and twenty other fitness experts. There are over 200 videos, and classes range from yoga to HIIT to Tai Chi to a whole section dedicated to prenatal workouts. That’s a lot of fitness.

For tips on what to wear while working out, check this out: Don’t Sweat It: The Best Athletic Gear For Your Skin



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