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What Age Should You Really Start Anti-Aging Products?
Expert Q/A

What’s The Prime Time To Start Your Anti-Aging Regimen?


January 3, 2016

Charlotteā€™s Book isĀ a trusted placeĀ to find and share information on the best in skincare, anti-aging, aesthetics, and wellness.Ā Ask Charlotte your beauty or wellness question,Ā and weā€™ll call upon one of the experts inĀ The BookĀ to provide you with the most up-to-date information.

The experts always say prevention is the key to any successful anti-aging regimen. But how early should prevention start? And what should be done?Ā We’ve had several readers write in with questions like this, including these two:

1. “When is an appropriate age to start thinking about cosmetics enhancement such as Botox or lip plumping? Is this the type of thing that once you start it, you have to keep it up?”

2. “What exactly should people in their 20s and 30s incorporate into their skin care regimen as preventatives for aging? Should we really be buying expensive products to get rid of wrinkles when there are very few wrinkles at this age?”

Monica Halem, MD is a Charlotte’s Book Premiere Provider and a dermatologist practicing on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Dr. Halem isĀ an expert in Botox and other fillers, as well asĀ laser treatments. Here’s what Dr. HalemĀ had to say about these age-appropriate questions:

1. “It’s good to start thinking about anti-aging early, which meansĀ in your late 20s and 30s. A good skin care regimen, one that includes ingredients that actually work (see below) and zinc-based sunscreen is an excellent start. Botox is also good to consider, because often people donā€™t realize that early treatment with what I like to call ‘Botox-Light”Ā can actually help prevent wrinkles! Lip enhancement (like Restylane Silk) is also nice, if done in a very natural way. Once you start you do not have to continue if you are not happy, but most patients are very happy! If you do like the change, then consistent treatments are necessary. The earlier you start the better.Ā We can, of course, tailor an anti-aging regimen to your particular age and situation.”

2. “A good skin care regimen is the most important anti-aging remedy, no matter the ageā€”but even better to start when you’re young, through the teen years and into the 20s and 30s.Ā Skin care is preventative, not corrective. No, you do not need to be buying expensive creams. Expensive is not always better. In fact, the majority of the creams available are allĀ marketing and hype: they actually contain nothingĀ that helps with anti-aging. The FDA doesn’t regulate these companies. Companies spend more time on packaging and marketing than they do on developing products withĀ ingredients that will work for your skin. Key ingredients you want to look for include: glycolic acid, vitamin C, peptides, retinol, and (the usual suspect) sunscreen with zinc. I’m so glad you’re asking these questions! Because remember: preventative care, starting when you’re young, is the best anti-aging treatment available.”

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