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The Non-Invasive Botox Boob Job

Breastox: The New Botox Boob Job


March 12, 2015

Have you noticed a perkier than usual Red Carpet this year? You might be seeing the rise of a new trend in breast enhancement: the Botox boob job. Many A-list celebrities in the UK are now opting for the convenience of instantaneous injectable breast enlargements, over traditional surgical augmentation. The 30-minute procedure requires zero downtime, is relatively painlessness, and has almost no reported side effects, making it the perfect pre-carpet lift for celebs donning low-cut couture. The downside? As with any Botox procedure, the effects are temporary and generally projected to last a maximum of 6 months. But, the same could be said of Awards Season.

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The breast enhancing injections work by temporarily paralyzing pectoral muscular tissue, forcing the surrounding muscles in the chest and shoulders to become more supportive—a Botox sports bra, of sorts. The result is the appearance of perkier, firmer looking breasts, and smoothed cleavage that can look up to a cup size fuller. Because the surrounding muscles can only effectively support so much weight, the procedure is designed for women with cup sizes A through C. For those whose chest fits the bill, the Botox boob job is the less expensive, safer way to add volume and lift to breasts.

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Ideally, the procedure can improve upon post-pregnancy drooping of the decolletage, signs of ageing from loss of elasticity, sagging, and wrinkles caused by sun damage. No doubt, Breastox will quickly begin enhancing the chests of Americans willing to shell out approximately $1,500, if and when the procedure receives FDA approval in the United States. Along with the recently FDA-approved Liquid Rhinoplasty and Liquid Facelifts, the injectable boob job is one of several new applications for non-surgical, cosmetic procedures that is quickly making 2015 the year of liquid surgery.

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