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Charlotte Tilbury Sleeps In Her Makeup?!

A Cardinal Sin: Charlotte Tilbury Sleeps In Her Makeup?!


September 7, 2016

Any well-heeled woman knows the tremendous impact makeup can have on her looks. My mother aptly calls her makeup case the magic bag because, like most of us, she walks out of her bathroom looking practically unrecognizable from the fair lady who awoke just moments before. And who more qualified to boast about the power of makeup than the supremely talented (and beautifully named) makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury?

Tilbury is responsible for making some of the world’s most beautiful faces even more beautiful, with her ability to give them satin smooth skin and eyes so sultry they could bring us to our knees. Her artistry is proof that makeup really can turn a tired and sallow face into a ravishing knockout, and make even the most insecure among us ask the mirror, “Wow, I’m stunning, aren’t I?” Not only is she talented beyond belief, her new makeup collection is also sheer brilliance. So far, there isn’t one product we don’t absolutely love.

So, of course, when Charlotte Tilbury talks makeup, we listen. But there’s one claim she makes that has us shaking our heads: oh-no, Ms. Tilbury!

Tilbury was recently quoted in this month’s Harper’s Bazaar and then again on Into the Gloss saying flat-out that she sleeps in her makeup. From one Charlotte to another, it sounds like she’s breaking one of the cardinal rules of a healthy skincare routine!

For an expert’s take on the matter, we enlisted Dr. Elizabeth Hale. Here, Dr. Hale explains why it’s essential to remove your makeup before bed:

“Leaving makeup on overnight can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Nighttime is a great time for skin to repair itself and to recover from the environmental toxins and UV light we are exposed to throughout the day. Cleaning the face and removing makeup is important to achieve a clean canvas on which actives can be applied for better penetration.”

Dr. Hale also offers some helpful advice to get the most out of your nighttime regimen:

“I recommend cleaning with a gentle cleanser and then applying a powerful moisturizer with anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties, so the skin replenishes moisture and antioxidants that are depleted throughout the day. Try cleansing with something gentle like Dove Beauty Bar, and then apply a recovery serum like Lifeline Recovery Night Moisture Serum with stem cell extracts and antioxidants.

If you are acne prone, using a cleanser with salicylic acid, like Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes, can remove your makeup and help keep your pores clean. Make sure if you are using an anti-aging product that is potentially irritating, like RetinA, avoid using an irritating cleanser to remove your makeup. For example, if you are using a retinoid, don’t clean skin with an AHA. Stick with something simple, like Dove or Cetaphil, that won’t strip your skin of its natural protective oils.”

How on earth does Charlotte Tilbury still maintain such a beautiful complexion? Our guess, superb genetics. Ah, the lucky few!



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