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CoolSmooth: The New CoolSculpting Applicator For Thigh Fat


December 12, 2014

It sounds like a dream. Lounge during your lunch break and watch a movie while reducing fat in your problem areas for good. CoolSculpting has made this fantasy a reality for many. This non-invasive body contouring procedure is based on the science of Cryolipolysis, wherein fat cells can be frozen to death, causing the body to naturally flush them out for good. CoolSculpting has a range of vacuum-based applicators designed to reduced stubborn fat pockets on the stomach, back, or side where you can pinch that extra inch. But for those who wanted to treat an un-pinchable area of fat, meaning it couldn’t be adequately sucked into the vacuum applicator, were out of luck—until now.

CoolSmooth is the brand’s first non-vacuum based applicator designed to treat areas of non-pinchable fat, specifically, the outer thighs. Cleared by the FDA in April to non-surgically reduce thigh fat, the new applicator has produced some promising results. In a clinical study during which patients did not change their lifestyle to lose weight, 86% of participants saw visible fat reduction after just one treatment. Dr. Julie Russak, lead dermatologist of Russak Dermatology Clinic and one of the early adopters of CoolSculpting, started offering CoolSmooth to patients upon reviewing the clinical trials. “Everyone’s body is different, so it only makes sense that there should be different applicators to target specific areas on the body,” says Dr. Russak. “Until the CoolSmooth applicator was developed, there wasn’t an option to treat saddlebag fat (outer thigh fat) or un-pinchable fat. The vacuum based applicators are designed to draw the fat into the applicator, whereas the CoolSmooth’s flat applicator can lay flat on the area. The CoolSmooth design is great for areas that have smaller pockets of fat, which wouldn’t be able to fit into the suction applicator,” she further explains.

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In fact, Dr. Russak has seen such a high demand for non-invasive fat removal that she purchased another CoolSculpting machine to offer ‘DualSculpting’, which is the process of having two sessions done at the same time. “The CoolSmooth applicator is a 2-hour session. Busy New York City professionals want to be in and out, and don’t have hours to allot to treatments during the workweek. Now our patients can achieve great results in half the time,” she explains.

Just like CoolSculpting, CoolSmooth is not meant to be a diet and exercise alternative. Dr. Russak expounded for us, “Any patient who has a visible bulge or can ‘pinch-an-inch’ can be treated; however, this isn’t meant for weight loss. Most patients will lose inches, but not pounds. The fat density will reduce, but it really doesn’t affect weight.” Even without a change to diet and exercise, what have been the results in her practice? “The results have been incredible. Patients will start to feel and notice a difference at about one month, but it’s usually when we take their three-month after photos that the full appreciation and astonishment sets in.”

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WORDS: Gloria Cavallaro

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