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Dana James & The 10-Day Experience
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Dana James & The 10-Day Experience Cleanse


January 6, 2015

If you’re serious about starting 2015 off with a change, go all-in with this 10-day cleanse from board certified nutritionist and founder of Food Coach NYC, Dana James. Just don’t expect to receive a generic box of detoxing juices at your doorstep. Dana is trained in nutrition biochemistry, functional medicine and cognitive behavioral therapy, so she knows that making meaningful changes in your diet requires a lot of hands-on guidance. The Experience, a 10 day wellness program begins Sunday, January 11th, and includes daily motivations to keep you on-track throughout. The program is part food, part psychology and part exploration—which is why we love it.

“It’s often our habits that stop us from living the life that we want. We are so reactive to circumstances and they distract us from pursuing our ultimate goals. This program teaches you how to retrain the brain so that you’ll be calmer and more conscious of your choices,” Dana told us. “It’s ideal for the busy New York woman who wants to go beyond food for beauty. Once you master the food, the next level of beauty comes from the mind. It’s showing them how to do this.” Sound familiar?

The first day of the cleanse begins with an on-site nourishment primer and consultation, during which Dana will discuss the upcoming meals, morning and evening rituals, and reasons for committing to the 10 days of detox. During the week, participants will receive daily messages and inspirational photos, along with motivational treats that include 10 travel sized packets of her signature 100% raw vegan protein power supplements, along with incense from France, and Dr. Ohhira probiotics for the morning ritual. As you near the end of the program, Dana will hold an hour Q&A for troubleshooting and support to get you through the last two days.

On the last day, participants will receive a follow-up call to discuss gains made over the 10 days.

Both New York-based and remote subscribers are invited to sign up for the 10-Day Experience Cleanse via email at [email protected] For New York-based clients, the price ($333) includes meal plans, personal consultations, and the week’s treats. Remote pricing and live streaming check-ins are also available to clients outside of New York.

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