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Dermatologists Confess Their Worst Mistakes


September 12, 2014

We’ve all made bad choices when it comes to our skin. Some of us have more undoing than others, and luckily there is plenty of assistance, but needless to say we all have our regrets…even the experts.  That’s right. The always-interesting Refinery29 has a slideshow of confessions where some of the top dermatologists and facialists, including several Charlotte’s Book Premier Providers, dish on the skin sins they’ve personally made along the way. No doubt, these top dermatologist tips can help save your skin from being damaged by silly mistakes. For example…

Dr. Doris Day, reveals her past eye-rubbing blunders to set an example, or warning, not to rub your eyes: “…any repetitive or stressful behavior—rubbing, squinting, pulling—shows up quickly in the form of swelling, discoloration, and wrinkles over time as a result.”  These days, “Dr. Day avoids rubbing as much as humanly possible and wears large sunglasses whenever there’s the tiniest beam of sun.”

Charlotte-approved facialist Joanna Vargas also uses her own gaffe to heed warning for us all: “Never try something for the first time without patch-testing, and never let an aesthetician excuse a terrible error in treatment by saying ‘that’s just your skin.”  Back in the day she took on a glycolic peel sans allergy test and had a horrible allergic reaction.

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Also in the mix, Dr. Gervaise Gerstner tells us the importance of prepping for a spray tan to avoid blotchiness. Let us learn from her mistake and, “only apply one light coat,” because, “any more can look cakey and will develop ‘chips’ a week later.”  She also, “applies moisturizer to her hands and feet to avoid the splotchy, stained effect that happens when tanner deposits on dry skin.”

They learned the hard way so now we don’t have to. Read the full post—it’ll save you from making more skin-damaging mistakes.

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