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Our Favorite Last Minute Summer Cosmetic Treatments


May 23, 2021

Summer is just about here. Finally. Thank goodness. We all need it. Bad. We put together a quick cheat sheet on our team quick fix favorite summer treatments that you can actually go get right now!  

Dermaplaning: Shave off the winter

What is it? Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation that gently scrapes off the top layer of dull, dead skin. “Dermaplaning is a perfect pre-summer treatment because it is a deep form of exfoliation,” says Christina Biscardi of Russak+ Aesthetic Center. “It’s especially beneficial for post-winter dryness and dullness; dermaplaning blades off the dead skin sitting on top to reveal brand new skin underneath. The result is gorgeous and glowy skin for summer.”

A deep, deep cleansing facial

What better way to get ready for summer than a spring cleaning for the skin? “I usually book a deep-cleansing facial four times a year: January, May, September, and November,” says Robin Shobin. These sessions are also a great time to revisit your skincare regimen. Dr. Julie Russak of the Russak Dermatology Clinic believes a change in regimen should be a collaborative process with your esthetician or dermatologist: “I always recommend a professional skincare regimen mapped out by your dermatologist or clinical esthetician. Protecting and enhancing the skin involves proper at-home care, not just professional treatments. Our skincare regimen does need to be changed with the seasons, as our skin needs change.”

A laser treatment in the summer? Sometimes it’s ok.

Like most dermatologists, Dr. Russak advises against laser treatments in the summer. “We don’t highly recommend laser-focused treatments addressing pigment or strong chemical peels during this time.” However, she adds, “if you are committed to SPF protection, staying in the shade, and not trying to get tan, then mild laser rejuvenation and gentle peels are very safe.” The CB team loves Clear + Brilliant in May and June. We’re always obsessive about SPF and quite frankly, they give us that summer glow, but without the sun.

Dr. Amanda Doyle explains: “Laser treatments can be done any time of the year and even in summer, as long as you’re staying out of the sun.” Clear + Brilliant isn’t meant to be done to tanned skin. “Laser treatments are meant to pull up prior sun damage, so doing a laser treatment on tanned skin would be counterproductive. It can actually reactivate those sun spots and take away from the results,” Dr. Doyle explains. So as long as you’re not sporting a tan, go right ahead.

What kind of results can you expect? According to Dr. Doyle, the treatment helps “with tone and texture, evening out pore size and lifting and exfoliating that top later of skin.” You can see results after your first session, but a series is recommended for the best outcome. “And post-treatment results can be especially long-lasting if you’re good at maintaining a healthy skincare regimen,” Dr. Doyle says.

While we’re all for Clear + Brilliant treatments in the late spring or early summer, you should be wary of Fraxel when the sun is shining. “Fraxel is more aggressive, so you must be extra careful as the risk for discoloration post-treatment is substantially higher than Clear + Brilliant, if skin is left exposed during summer.” That doesn’t mean you can’t opt for Fraxel during the summer months — you just have to be extra vigilant about proper suncare.

Zap away unwanted hair with laser

While most people opt for laser hair removal in the winter months, springtime and early summer don’t necessarily mean it’s too late to shed that unwanted hair. Since it’s a relatively fast and effective treatment, this can be the perfect time to get vacation-ready skin. If you haven’t checked out our laser hair removal guide, here are the basics: a focused laser or intense pulsating beam of light (IPL) travels through each hair shaft and into the follicle, where it destroys the root. With a weakened follicle, the hair eventually falls out. (Does that mean permanent hairless skin?)

Photo credit: The white bikini worn by Ursula Andress in the 1962 James Bond film, Dr. No., is cited as the most famous bikini of all time and an iconic moment in cinematic and fashion history.

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