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5 Questions With Amandine Isnard Of Eve Lom Skincare


March 28, 2016

Amandine Isnard—born in France, living in Brooklyn, Head of Product Development for the luxury skincare line Eve Lom—answers our top 5 burning questions, including her inspiration for the groundbreaking new Eve Lom White Collection, and her favorite skincare travel tips.

1/5 Q —Describe Your Morning Beauty & Wellness Routine:

I like to do Iyengar yoga first thing in the morning as it helps me to relieve stress and promotes a healthy mind. Eating a proper breakfast every morning is the only way to maintain your energy levels throughout the day. I often have grains with fruit or muesli and Greek yogurt, which is simple to make and sets me on a good track for the day. I don’t like to stick to specific brands as I tend to go to various farmer markets and experiment with the multitude of offerings.

2/5 Q —Who Is Your Go-To Aesthetician?

Whenever I find myself in London I set aside time to have an Eve Lom signature facial at the Sanderson Hotel in West London. It’s one of my favorite experiences—it’s truly relaxing and my skin looks wonderfully radiant after. At home, I tend to do facial massage daily using our iconic cleanser which enhances circulation and drains toxins. I also invest in acupuncture once a week with Addie Patuto at her private clinic in SoHo, which helps my skin to regenerate.

3/5 Q —What’s Your Biggest Personal Skincare Challenge?

As I travel quite frequently, I find that challenging. And my skin is sensitive to the extremities of the New York weather. I believe that cleansing is the foundation of great skincare and it’s extremely important that I am diligent about this regime regardless of where I am in the world and what time zone I’m in, so that I can make sure I’m always creating the perfect canvas for my skincare products to perform. It is essential that your skin is kept hydrated during the flight to avoid puffiness and make sure you land with fresh, glowing skin. I would either apply the Moisture Mask for deep hydration or the Brightening Mask to plump and brighten skin.

4/5 Q —How Has Your Skincare Routine Changed Through Your 20s, 30s, and Beyond?

Due to the line of work I’ve been involved in throughout my life, I’ve always made sure to look after my skin properly. I find that my routine has adapted to my skincare concerns rather than my age—throughout my 20s I found my skin was often congested and therefore prone to more breakouts, so I tailored my routine to that. Now, I’m beginning to suffer from pigmentation and fine lines so I incorporate products within my skincare regime to treat these concerns specifically and help me maintain my skin. The first thing I use in the morning when I wake up is our cleanser and muslin cloths, which is the best product to remove every last scrap of makeup and leave skin immaculate. During the day I use the Brightening Cream to boost my skin’s luminosity. Then in the evening, I use the Cleanser again to remove my makeup followed by the Radiance Lift Cream, which is rich in texture and easily absorbed by my skin at night.

5/5 Q —What’s The Inspiration For The New White Collection?

When creating the Eve Lom White Collection, I became interested in how advanced the East (Korea, Japan, China) is in their approach to aging. Unlike the West, where the focus is on lines and wrinkles, the East is concerned with having a more even-toned and luminous skin. We did some research and realized that, in fact, it is not just lines and wrinkles that age us, but actually dull skin that denotes age. In Korea, the government contributes to cosmetic industry research and development, and for this reason we’re seeing so much innovation emerge.

For Eve Lom White I really wanted to utilize their advanced discoveries and include the most cutting edge technology. The hero active ingredient of this collection is Dermapep, which is clinically proven to be up to twenty times more effective at correcting pigmentation and boosting luminosity than Arbutin, Kocic Acid and Hydroquinone, the most relied-upon skin brighteners to date, so this was hugely exciting for me and we set about developing our range around it. The primary purpose is to regulate pigmentation through tyrosinase activity, melanin synthesis and melanosome transfer, which eventually blocks melanin synthesis.

BONUS Q —Who’s Your Charlotte? Why?

For me, it would definitely be my mother. I have very young memories of observing her regime at her dressing table. Of course being brought up in France, and the French being renowned for their meticulous approach to their skincare regime, I learned that this did not only mean looking after your skin, but eating well, being active and enjoying the fruits of life.


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