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As Seen In SWAAY: From Banking to Wellness, This Entrepreneur Is Bringing You A Sports Drink To Rival The Best
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As Seen In SWAAY: From Banking to Wellness, This Entrepreneur Is Bringing You A Sports Drink To Rival The Best


February 28, 2019

Most people wouldn’t guess that prior to Charlotte’s Book, founder Robin Shobin worked at J.P. Morgan for 14 years. As a self-proclaimed health and wellness junkie, however, Robin saw the glaring need for a resource that people could go to for up-to-date research on all things beauty, health, and wellness. So, she made the decision to leave the world of finance and Charlotte’s Book was born.

Although Charlotte’s Book featured a ton of products that were at the forefront of wellness, Robin was still in search for the perfect post-workout drink that wasn’t loaded with empty calories and sugar.

As Robin told SWAAY last month, “I was always searching for something other than water that would help replenish and refuel the body after an intense workout. A smoothie in theory sounds healthy. It’s filled with antioxidants and is a delicious treat to drink after a workout, yet it’s also filled with sugar.”

Enter HALO Sport

Just as she developed Charlotte’s Book to fill a void, Robin decided to create what was missing in sports beverages. Backed by a team of advisors ranging from esteemed doctors to dieticians, Robin co-founded HALO Sport, a low-calorie, low-sugar super drink with more than 70 minerals naturally sourced from the Great Salt Lake of Utah.

What sets HALO apart?

Not only does HALO include electrolytes and important trace minerals like magnesium, but unlike its competitors, it isn’t loaded with artificial flavoring or other adverse additives. HALO also features the amla berry, an antioxidant-rich superfood dating back to ancient Indian Ayurvedic rituals. “Whole amla berries have antioxidant properties that are 75 times more powerful than that of goji berries and 50 times more powerful than blueberries,” Robin says.

Women in Wellness

For Robin, one of the most rewarding parts of transitioning into wellness is collaborating with other like-minded, driven women. “In finance I worked primarily with men,” says Robin. “So I feel very honored to get the chance to meet with so many amazing women doing inspiring things. I know that sounds corny, but to be honest it’s true.”

“Being able to see what is on the forefront of wellness is incredibly exciting. I don’t regret my time at J.P. Morgan one bit, but the change of scenery from oil wells to the latest supplements is a welcome one.”


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