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My Vacation Rules - How To be Healthy When You Travel
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How To Stay Healthy When You Travel, According To A Health Coach


May 24, 2018

I just got back from vacation. I ate what I wanted to, when I wanted to. Gluten, dairy, sweets. Not all day, every day, but my nutritional style sorta went out the window. Big time.

Regrets? No. I don’t believe in that. Weight gain? Nope. Not a pound.

I believe that vacations can be a time to let loose and enjoy. Like a birthday. Or Christmas. But if every day were a birthday, or every week a vacation, I wouldn’t feel so well. I’d be inflamed and unhappy. Most likely, I’d be carrying extra pounds around with a stuffed up sinus and a bloated belly. But with the occasional family vacation, breaking from my norm feels great. The best news was that I didn’t gain a pound, and with the exception of being tired from monitoring a group of very tall teenage boys, I’m happy with how it all went.

So, friend, I’m sharing how I did it. You can try this on your next vacay, or on your business trip this fall. Moderation, balance, and splurge, all in one.

1. Discover Resources Wherever You Go

I spent just a few minutes searching for organic markets, restaurants, and juice bars when I arrived. I also talked to locals. This combo produced the most amazing finds, some that even our friends who lived there didn’t know. It made a difference. We got green juice, the kids got to have grass-fed wraps. The parents discovered farm-to-table restaurants that were extraordinary. And I get to write a blog about this sustainable island (coming soon).

2. Make Sure To Start Your Day Off Well

For me, that means a smoothie with greens. I brought protein powder in convenient travel packets, and I had smoothies with a friend each morning. If you can begin each day in a way that nourishes you, you’ll make smarter choices later and keep your body humming along too. Even if you decide to splurge that night, you’ll be better off for having started your day well.

3. Be Sure You Move

Without fail, I walked every day. I didn’t go to the gym, like a more industrious friend did, but I was happy exploring the island for hours at a time, at a nice pace. And I didn’t make it a big deal. Most of those days, I walked with another friend in my flip flops. For hours. Catching up, plotting and planning, and having fun.

4. If You Splurge, Make It A Quality Splurge

If you do decide to indulge in something you know is not in your best interest, long term, go for the best quality possible. Dairy is my devil (yes, plus gluten, sugar and caffeine…) so of course, ice cream is my achilles heel. I had some, and it was delicious. It was homemade and fresh and local. Did I get a stomach ache? Yes. Was my belly pooching later that day? Sorry, but it was. No regrets. It was amazing.

5. Stop At Just One

Part of splurging on vacation, or any time, is that once the door is open, it can all break loose. You know what I mean. That old, well, I had an ice cream, I may as well just pig out with this candy now, and heck, let’s have dessert too. Your stomach may be hurting, your brain is foggy, but you don’t stop. So, you fell off your horse. Get back on. Put on those flip flops and walk. Make that green smoothie when you wake up.

And just be happy.


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