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Meet HALO Sport - A healthy, low sugar sports hydration revolution
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Meet HALO Sport: The Only Sports Drink Worth Having After A Workout


November 13, 2018

We’re knee-deep in the wellness era, and the beauty industry isn’t far behind. As more and more consumers shift their focus from superficial beauty to beauty from within, brands are stepping up to meet the demand for products that make people feel good on the inside. According to studies highlighted in a recent Glossy article, the beauty supplement industry alone is expected to rise to $6.8 billion globally by 2024, up from $3.5 billion in 2016. And wellness beverages are at the forefront of the movement.

From veteran brands like Moon Juice to newer brands like HALO Sport (co-founded by our own Robin Shobin and Anshuman Vohra of Bulldog Gin), several players in the beverage market are positioning themselves as beauty and wellness drinks. “People not only do cosmetic treatments, but beauty is an inside-out job now, so people do a lot more eating for glowing skin, [as well as taking] ingestibles and supplements,” says Robin.

“My reader cares about how they feel and look, and fitness is a key part of anti-aging. Personally, I work out 4-5x for week. I was always searching for someone that wasn’t just water.” Robin continues. “I wanted to create something delicious, low in sugar, and full of goodness. It’s shockingly hard to find. A delicious berry smoothie sounds healthy—it’s filled with antioxidants. But its also filled with sugar. So is coconut water. Yes, there is no added sugar, but it’s still sugar. Just 8 oz of coconut water has 10 grams of sugar. And that means a whole lotta calories. Look at some of the juices and smoothies coming out of Juice Press or Liquiteria: you’re looking at 300-500 calories a pop.”

What exactly is HALO Sport?

As a certified-organic sports drink, HALO Sport is on a mission to provide a wellness-focused beverage option that fits into the lifestyles of those who prioritize health and beauty. It contains electrolytes and antioxidants that offer hydration without all the additives like sugar, artificial flavoring, or coloring. In addition to a direct-to-consumer website, HALO Sport will be available at boutique fitness studios and gyms, athleisure stores, nutritionist and dietitian offices, and workplace kitchens.

“It is very difficult to find a ‘clean’ way to hydrate and HALO has done it,” says Keri Glassman, registered dietitian and author of four bestselling books on health and nutrition. “And, bonus, it has the antioxidants in addition to the electrolytes and tastes incredible.” Keri is a regular contributor to Charlotte’s Book and is on the HALO Sport health advisory council.

How is HALO Sport made?

As Robin told Forbes this month, “The HALO Sport formula begins with a base of organic lemon juice and reverse osmosis water, which is re-mineralized with a blend of 72 ionic trace minerals harvested from the Great Salt Lake of Utah. I started with organic lemon water because that’s what I drink every day and countless CB experts extoll its benefits. ”

“We then add sea salt and potassium,” Robin explains. “Ample electrolytes are essential for efficient hydration which you won’t find in ‘electrolyte waters.’ In most sports drinks (even other organic ones) you might find electrolytes, but you will also find cane sugar and artificial colors. And you won’t find naturally sourced minerals either, and we have over 70 of them, including magnesium.”

How is this sports drink different from others?

Many fitness experts emphasize the importance of magnesium, and you don’t see it in typical sports drinks. Even the “textbook wellness warrior” is likely deficient in magnesium, Robin says. “It’s really an all-star mineral.” As Keri Glassman explains, “Magnesium plays a role in neurotransmission and muscle contraction, meaning that it’s super important to have adequate amounts for best muscle function. Additionally, magnesium is lost through sweat, so it’s important to replenish your stores.”

The final aspect of HALO Sport that differentiates it from other sports drinks on the market is the inclusion of the amla berry, an antioxidant-rich superfood dating back to ancient Indian Ayurvedic rituals. “Whole amla berries have antioxidant properties that are 75 times more powerful than that of goji berries and 50 times more powerful than blueberries,” Robin says. “No other low-calorie, low-sugar hydration product on the market combines electrolytes, trace minerals, and antioxidants in one bottle like HALO Sport does. Antioxidants are a crucial part of health and wellness. ”

What about added sugars?

As for what HALO Sport does not contain, there are no sugar alcohols in the drink. Gut health is crucial to beauty, wellness, and overall wellbeing. And many low-calorie and diet drinks include sugar alcohols like erythritol or xylitol. You may even find them in organic drinks. But they are very bad for gut health. “I made a key decision to make this drink gut health-friendly,” Robin says. “Many of the fitness experts I spoke to would tell me how most diet drinks ‘upset their stomach.’ After countless tests in studios and with trainers, everyone told me how great they felt after drinking HALO Sport. Finally something organic filled with minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants, but without all the sugar and without disrupting the gut.”

The HALO Sport Advisory Board

The product, formulation, and ingredients are backed by an esteemed Advisory Board, most of whose members are Charlotte’s Book experts and contributors. Advisors include award-winning and nationally renowned nutritionists and medical experts like Registered Dietitian Keri Glassman, Sports Nutritionist Mitzi Dulan, Functional Medicine Physician Dr. Robin Berzin, Integrative Medicine Dr. Amy Shah, former MLB player Brendan Harris, and Heart Specialist Dr. Jonathan Menachem.

Where can you get it?

HALO Sport is available nationwide on and at select New York and Miami retailers for $3.49/16 oz bottle and $40/12-pack. HALO is a certified-organic, all-natural, vegan, non-GMO, and kosher product, as well as dairy, soy, and gluten-free. Currently available flavors are “Original Lemon” and “Pink Grapefruit,” with more soon to come. Our favorite is Pink Grapefruit. But check it out for yourself.

Charlotte’s Book readers can use code “CHARLOTTE” to get 25% off your first purchase. Plus all orders receive complimentary shipping.


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