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Jones Road Miracle Balm Review

Why you need Bobbi Brown’s “no makeup” Miracle Balm by Jones Road


November 10, 2020

This past month, one of my girl crushes, Bobbi Brown, launched a new “no makeup” makeup line. It’s called Jones Road. “No makeup” makeup is music to my ears. Don’t we all hate looking like we are wearing makeup? Don’t we all yearn for the fresh dewy “no makeup” look? But the work involved for “no makeup” makeup is actually quite a bit of makeup? And quite a bit of time and makeup artist skill? It’s not a skill set I possess. I try hard, but it’s the products in my hands that are the true tools needed to achieve this. Enter makeup artist Bobbi Brown. She knows what she is doing.

I grew up using Bobbi Brown products. I remember walking by the Bobbi Brown makeup counter with my mom when I was a teenager. Bobbi’s dazzling black packaging screaming “BOBBI BROWN.” It looked cool and chic and minimal. It not only looked cool. It was in tones that matched your skin and your lips. And I needed it.

Bobbi launched her namesake brand in 1991, I was 13 years old. Just when I started to pay attention to makeup brands.

By the time I got into highschool, Bobbi Brown was everywhere. It was in my mom’s makeup bag, and it was soon a staple in my own makeup bag. In my 20s, her foundation sticks were the only makeup I owned.

And now her new makeup line, Jones Road, will be just that. The only thing in my makeup bag.  My teeny, tiny makeup bag. It’s funny how when I was younger, I had a giant “caboodle” if you will (please tell me you remember those!). But as I get older, I truly value the “hero” product. The “hero” product that really works that is. That makes my life easier and makes me look better. A lot from a makeup line I know. But I think Jones Road does just that. Thanks Bobbi. You made my morning better!

I feel like Bobbi is my makeup spirit animal. It’s like she knew I was in need of a “no makeup” makeup filled with skin nourishing goodness.

Jones Road is a super clean and super effective line for people that don’t like to wear makeup and don’t like a bunch of clutter and nonsense. In other words, it’s perfect for me.

My favorites from the line?

The Miracle Balm.

It’s awesome. The name says it all. And honestly the description on the Jones Road website is perfectly accurate, “a wash of soft focus moisture to perfect and enhance skin.”

It’s a lightweight sheer-ish balm that I use as a bronzer, blush pick me up. I use my fingers and just dab it on my cheeks. It is made with Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil and a whole bunch of other skin friendly natural oils.

Buy it here: $38.

Cool Gloss.

There are a million lip glosses, yes. And I am always searching for another one, aren’t you? This gloss is not sticky or heavy. It’s also a perfect level of shiny. It’s made with Shea Butter and Peppermint Oil, so its antibacterial and moisturizing. Brilliant Bobbi. I like the “original” color, or should I say no color.

Buy it here: $22.

Looking for more fun reads? Bobbi is a contributor to Charlotte’s Book. You can read her notes to her younger self. I am also a #justbobbi contributor with my amazing “Girlfriend’s Guide” aka my “GG” series. You can read my GG to healthy cocktails, my GG to losing my COVID weight, and my GG to Ulthera.

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