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Ask CB: What Kombucha Should I Buy?
Ask Charlotte

Ask Charlotte: What Kombucha Should I Buy?


June 13, 2018

Kombucha is a fizzy, fermented tea made with a culture of bacteria and yeast. The drink is well-known in the wellness world for its probiotic benefits, including its ability to aid digestion, detoxify the body, and boost immunity. But not all kombucha is created equal, especially when it comes to sugar content. And that’s the most important factor when choosing kombucha, according to celebrity nutritionist Keri Glassman. Read on to see which low-sugar kombucha brands she recommends.


Which kombucha brands should I buy?


1. Health-Ade

We can’t get enough of Health-Ade. Not only do its bottles contain the least amount of sugar, they taste the best (in our humble opinion!), come with super cool packaging, and are certified organic. They also add forward-thinking healthy ingredients like reishi mushrooms and maca to their flavors.

2. GT’s

GT’s is like the hippie mom of the kombucha crew. It’s been around forever and is the most recognizable brand. There’s nothing new or trendy about it but it’s made from simple, clean, organic ingredients. Plus it tastes great, is low in sugar, and you can find it all over the place.

3. Humm Kombucha

Oregon-based Humm gets points for its funky, custom bottle design and creative flavors like Coconut Lime and Chai. Its brews are organic, uniquely delicious, and come with very little extra sugar.

4. Holy Kombucha

This small Fort Worth-based company brews its certified-organic ‘buch with an extra serving of purpose, by regularly donating a percentage of profits to charity. Its products are also raw, low-sugar, and come in delish flavors like Blood Orange and Green Apple Ginger. The only downside is it can be hard to find outside of the Lone Star State. (We did spot them at Expo East, however, where natural brands go to increase distribution…so that could mean that’ll change soon.)

5. Brew Dr.

Okay, some of Brew Dr.’s bottles contain a little more sugar than we’d like, but the ingredients (all raw and organic) and flavor are so darn good, we’re cutting it some slack. The company also makes brilliant functional blends like Clear Mind, brewed with herbs that are known to help with mental clarity and focus.


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