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All About Charlotte's Book: Real Beauty, Real Advice From Experts In Medical Beauty, Cosmetic Health. And Wellness
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All About Charlotte’s Book


April 30, 2017

If there’s one beauty-related lesson I’ve learned as a woman working on Wall Street, where I spent nearly 15Ā years of my career, it’s that your skin is the most accurate reflection of your vitality, strength, and overall wellbeing. The way your skin looks is even more foretelling about yourself than what you wear (I’ve had my fair share of sensible business suits) or the attitude with which you wear it. When you look glowing and feel fit, you shine with confidence. On the days when your glow is a no-show and nothing fits properly, it’s hard to tackle the world with optimism and strength.

At a certain point in our lives, we suddenly realize that we have to work harder to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and even harder to maintain a healthy (dare I say, youthful) appearance. However, we all know at least a one flawless-faced lady who makes it look so effortless (I call her Charlotte). But is it really that easy for her?

The naked truth is that behind every woman with beautiful skin and an enviable silhouette, great genetics are only a small part of the equation. Oftentimes, what truly makes a difference are the leading cosmetic doctors, aestheticians, nutritionists, and other wellness experts who’ve mastered an arsenal of treatments to keep their ageless clients looking youthful, glowing, and sleek. And with so many tools in the toolbox these days, it’s growing more and more important to see the right expert.

My mantra has always been ā€œskincare first, makeup second.” Before anything else, you need to invest in your skin. It’s also the first indicator of age. But as an over-scheduled, over-worked finance professional, I had very little time to search through the saturated and often misleading beauty information out there. With all of the new ā€˜medicalā€™ spas and dentist-cum-plastic surgeons popping up on every corner, I quickly found that identifying ā€œthe bestā€ was quite a feat. Equally challenging was figuring out which treatments and products were worth trying. There literally seems to be a new treatment on the market every week.

Unfortunately, most of us wonā€™t readily admit how (or by whom) we are able to sustain such a lifted and lineless glow, if not strictly by way of graceful aging. A woman will eagerly divulge her favorite foundation (I cannot live withoutĀ Giorgio Armani Maestro), but she may shy away from revealing which laser resurfacing treatment she did to zap her brown spots or nix cellulite on her thighs. And to make matters worse, unlike other medical professions, in medical beauty the very mark of a successful doctor is that their treatments go unnoticed. So inherently we only notice the bad, but the good goes undetected. Time magazine saidĀ “not having work done is now the new shame,” but the growth in cosmetic treatment has also caused a growth in uncertified and loosely trained professionals administering these treatments.

Thatā€™s why I was compelled to create a discreet, credible, and honest place for women like me to find and share information on the best in skincare, anti-aging, aesthetics, and wellness. All in a digital setting that makes you feel comfortable.

I began by anonymously surveying women and gathering intel from (gorgeous and) reliable sources. I then put together an expert Advisory Board, consisting of the most trusted experts in their field. They have helped guide and shape the principles of Charlotteā€™s Book as well as curate our treatments section, a curated resourceĀ of the latest, most worthwhile aesthetic procedures and wellness treatments.

I am proud to bring you a fresh and forward-thinking online resource and community where you can learn and share the best of the best in aesthetics and wellness ā€”and more importantly, find your most beautiful you.

Our content comprises real life submissions from our community as well as submissions from our verified experts. Community member Ani Palen tells us what its really like to get Kybella. Gloria Cavallaro tells us about the first time she went in for a Clear & Brilliant treatment. Fitness expert Tatiana Boncompagni shares how she really feels about aging and beauty over 40. Meanwhile, our experts chime in on what they feel their patients need to know. The best way to zap dark spots, what you really need to know about breast implants, and how do you know if your a candidate for a colonic?

Welcome to Charlotteā€™s Book.


Robin Shobin
Founder, Charlotte’s Book



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