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The New GloPRO LIP Tool Makes Your Lips Look Healthier And Smoother

The New Lip Microneedling Tool That Plumps Your Pout


March 22, 2018

We’re big fans of microneedling to get rejuvenated skin that looks healthier, smoother, and more radiant. So we’re pretty excited about the new GloPRO LIP Edition microneedling tool from Beauty Bioscience, which promises plumper lips.

In case you need a microneedling refresher

Microneedling involves a series of tiny needles that roll over your skin to create even tinier injuries. What’s the point? It triggers your skin’s natural repairing process, producing helpful collagen that rebuilds the skin. This means healthier, smoother skin.

Microneedling isn’t just for the doctor’s office

Microneedling has become a popular procedure in recent years so it’s no surprise that the technology has entered homes. We’ve seen tons of at-home microneedling tools, and we’ve talked about Beauty Bioscience’s GloPRO Microneedling Regeneration Tool and its magical powers before. This new product takes GloPRO’s patented technology and applies it to lips.

GloPRO Lip Edition

The GloPRO LIP Edition is the first product of its kind, using microneedling, vibrations, and LED technology. And it’s designed specifically for your lips.

The MicroTip roller is made of 240 surgical stainless steel microneedles. These needles are designed to be gentle on the skin. Instead of puncturing the upper layer of the skin, they part skin cells and create microchannels deep within which trigger collagen production. The gentle vibration cascades energy into the deepest layers of the skin, allowing the needles to do their work.

The GloPRO LIP also incorporates LED technology. Wavelengths of red LED help the healing and collagen regeneration process and work as an anti-inflammatory to fight redness and uneven skin. The combination of LED and microneedling results in smoother, firmer skin and a faster healing process.


The New GloPRO LIP Tool Makes Your Lips Look Healthier And Smoother

How do you use it?

After you cleanse your face at night, use the GloPRO LIP on your lips as well as the surrounding area. Using moderate pressure, roll the tool over the area 4-10 times, making sure to roll in different directions. You can use the tool every night. (GloPRO recommends rolling at least two to three times a week.) Afterwards, your lips will look plump and flushed.

You’ll want to apply your favorite topical treatment right after, while the microchannels are super receptive. But because your skin will be so ready to absorb ingredients, be sure to use high-quality, safe products that won’t damage your skin and cause scarring.

Get your GloPRO LIP

You can buy the innovative tool at BeautyBio, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Nordstrom for $249.



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