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How does Gwyneth Paltrow take care of her skin? Thermage. Learn all about it.

How Gwyneth Gets Her Glow On


November 3, 2014

Love her or not, it’s inarguable that hers is a face to admire.  Even at 41, her crisp, youthful appearance never seizes to perpetuate. And that glow… Oh, please, Gwyneth, tell us how you do it!

Good thing we came across this Daily Mail article, which gives us the dish on how she stays so luminous. Her secret?  Well, it’s something we at Charlotte’s Book are rather familiar with, and it’s certainly reassuring that this wonder-treatment is responsible for her everlasting glow. We’re talking about Thermage.  The Iron Man actress openly admits that she turns to this noninvasive “face ironing treatment” to help “tighten and smooth the top layer of the skin by plumping up the lower layers.” But remember, results like these don’t come without their fair share of discomfort. Gwyneth is quoted saying how this treatment feels like she is being “smacked with an elastic band.”  Yup, that’s about right…but oh, it’s so worth it.

You can learn all about Thermage and share your own experiences with this treatment in The Arsenal.

This is not to discount the importance of a good at-home skincare regime. We’re on board with Gwyneth’s Restorsea Skincare campaign. Of note, the new Restorsea Restoring Night Cream, $175, is in our mix of winter skin saviors. It contains a unique “Vibransea Complex” which contains natural enzymes released by salmon at birth that gently exfoliates dead skin cells. It’s amazing what skincare scientists discover, isn’t it?

Photo via Restorsea Skincare Campaign

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