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A snapshot guide to Marie Claire's "Are You Ready for a Skintervention?"

It’s A Skintervention


November 27, 2014

Don’t know about y’all, but we at Charlotte’s Book sometimes find that it’s pretty darn challenging to maintain a harmonious mindset while trying to balance our modern lives: career, family, relationships, philanthropy, our sanity, etc.  And oh, the effects it all has on our skin! This is why we are finding this Marie Claire Skintervention article so very relevant, with a notion that is as interesting as it is terrifying:

“In a study of twins, women who went through a divorce looked two years older than their identical twins who hadn’t. Relationship drama elevates levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that can degrade the collagen that keeps skin plump.”

Luckily, the article offers a quick fix-it guide to our most common cause/effect skin dilemmas, from job-stress wrinkles to junk food acne…and here’s an even quicker rundown for you to grasp on the go:

Problem: Wrinkles caused by job stress
Solution: Get as much exercise as possible, and a low dose of Botox will reduce the appearance of lines and may even prevent the negative emotions that cause them.

Problem: Dullness from lack of sleep
Solution: Before bed make the switch from a flashing TV screen to a calming book and invest in a humidifier to keep skin hydrated throughout the night.

Problem: Acne caused by emotional junk food consumption
Solution: Hide snacks from yourself and sterilize everything that comes in contact with your face: hands, makeup brushes, pillow cases, and your bacteria-infested cell phone.

Problem: Sagging skin caused by relationship drama
Solution: Find some inner calm by meditating at least five minutes a day and eat some kiwi, which is packed with vitamin C and is known to have anti-sagging properties.

Problem: Skin-picking to ease financial anxieties
Solution: Chuck your magnifying mirror (no one else can see you that closely!), put a “do not pick!” reminder up if necessary, let your old wounds heal, and then hands off moving forward…and don’t forget the sunscreen!

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