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Sex And Relationships

Marriage. Condoms. Animal fats. The skinny on it all.


June 3, 2021

When I started dating again after my divorce, I went to buy condoms. It was horrifying. I felt like an embarrassed teenage boy. But I was actually a 40 year old woman. And still embarrassed by the purchase of an item that should be no different than buying a bottle of sunscreen.

At the time, I hadn’t bought condoms in…..jeez…I don’t know how long. Maybe college? Even then, I am not sure if I did.

I started using condoms again in my last few years of marriage, mainly because I had gone off birth control.  But even then, I tasked this horrific experience of having to buy condoms to my husband at the time. I liken it to men having to buy tampons for their wives. It’s just plain embarrassing.

Many of my friends who don’t want to be on any form of birth control use what I fondly call, the “pull and prey” method. But the last thing I wanted to do was get pregnant. So…condoms it was. My husband wasn’t a fan – but he wasn’t the one at risk.

I have read that Howard Stern still uses condoms with his wife Beth. Why? There are literally entire Reddit threads dedicated to their condom usage. Apparently Howard Stern is a well-known germaphobe, which might be the reason for his allegiance to condoms, as well as the fact that he’s firmly on record saying he doesn’t want more children — he has three from an earlier marriage. I can relate to both.

Think condoms are just for single people? Think again.

More than one of my friends has confided in me that they actually prefer condoms because they don’t have to clean up. Well- that’s certainly another way to look at it.

When faced with being single again, I had to buy condoms myself. Yuck. Did you know that less than 25% of women use a condom? I can now really see why. It’s daunting buying a condom. And by the way, everything in the aisle is categorically made for men to buy.

Also – did you know that most regular latex condoms contain casein, which is made from milk protein and acts as a lubricant. Some also contain glycerin, which is often made from animal fat. Also, many condom brands contain harmful chemicals like glycerin, benzocaine and spermicide which cause vaginal dryness. Benzocaine, in particular, is a numbing agent designed to make a man last longer that can lead to vaginal irritation.

What I find so interesting that even amongst this new backdrop of female empowerment, many women are still not using condoms. Why? In my humble opinion it’s for two reasons: 1) women are conditioned to think that if they buy or arm themselves with condoms they are promiscuous 2) women are conditioned to think that a man’s pleasure is more important than her safety during the sexual experience.

Guess what ladies, that condom is the only thing standing between your vagina and some dude’s penis (maybe he is your husband, maybe he is not). The truth of the matter is, a condom is the only visible and trustworthy proof that you aren’t getting pregnant and you are protected from STDs.

So, now for the product plug.

Sex and Good just launched a vegan and vagina friendly condom. Amen. Oh, it also just looks cool. A perfect accessory for your YSL bag. Your Chanel lipstick. Your night on the town.

So own it. And gear up. Buy some on Amazon or on the Sex and Good website.

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