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Depression products that are not wine

The Products I’m Using To Stay Sane (Other Than Wine)


January 31, 2021

Wow. Can you believe it – it’s nearly February 2021. Almost a year since we learned what COVID was and it changed our lives forever. And almost a year since we have been in global lockdown pandemic craziness.

As I check in with all my friends across the globe, many of them in another “semi” lockdown, from California to Toronto to New York and London, one thing I hear from so many of my friends is that – despite the excitement of potential broad distribution and availability of vaccines – anxiety and depression seems to be sinking in. It seems like 2021 may also be a wash right? I know I am starting to feel that way.

Even since my brutally raw divorce posts, my readers and friends have gone out of their way to keep it real with me. Which I am so happy about. And so many of my friends have been confiding in me about their challenging mental state – weary of how they will make it through “another 2020.”

I am doing my best to only stay positive – but I get it – it’s rough sometimes. And hey – there is only so much wine and cocktails you can drink. And only so many COVID workouts. I have been looking for other ways to boost my mental health that don’t involve my favorite 5-minute arm workout or my favorite yoga. Or my favorite wine.

My immunity and supplement routine has always been intense, but I need more help in the anti-anxiety and mood lifting area….no prescription needed. Below are a few products I recommend working into your rotation.

Juna Ease Functional Body Oil (with CBD and Hemp), $68.

You can take CBD (I suggest a few brands below), but you can also use this really cool body oil. Juna was founded by two amazing women (I can get behind that), and I love the suggestion of using this body oil before bed and rubbing it on my temples and shoulders.

I really love this specific formulation and the packaging. It’s made with CBD, full spectrum hemp oil, organic grapeseed oil, turmeric oil, lavender oil and more. It’s literally filled with all of my favorite nourishing oils but with the relaxing and anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD and hemp. I already love putting on body oils so this is easy swap out. It’s beautiful packaging doesn’t scream “CBD” and “hemp” so it’s easy to keep by your bedside table or on your bathroom vanity.

Another great tip, you can rub this oil on your belly during your period for major anti-inflammatory benefits.

Where to buy it? Click here

Evolution 18 Chill: CBD Gummies, $50

Each of these gummies contains 10mg of CBD and the product is completely THC free (which means you won’t get high). Evolution 18 uses natural flavors (grape, lemon and orange) in every bottle and broad spectrum CBD (cannabidiol) derived from all-natural hemp. Studies have linked CBD to everything from reduced anxiety and decreased inflammation to improvements of skin conditions, like acne.

I started using these gummies and felt a noticeable difference in my daily calmness. And these particular gummies don’t taste “CBD-ish” if you know what I mean.

Where to buy it? Click here

Sex and Good, Happy Hormones Capsules, $35

A super powered herbal blend that does everything from balance your hormones, help with mood, and increase libido. Stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on hormones and depress any desire to get intimate. This 10 ingredient blend can help provide relief from sleeplessness to mood swings by helping your body regulate hormone levels. In addition, the black cohosh in every bottle has been shown to have a host of benefits like lowering anxiety, reducing vaginal dryness and improving sleep quality. As one Charlotte’s Book reviewer noted, “This has helped me to feel more balanced throughout the month without little things shooting me into stress spirals.”

Where to buy it? Click here.

KAMU, Uplift capsules, $59

Made with lion’s mane mushroom extract, CBD and CBG, this blend is made to enhances cognitive functions like focus, alertness and memory as well as support your body’s natural production of serotonin and dopamine. Call it a natural happy mood pill.

Where to buy it? Click here.

Photo credit: Winona Ryder in Girl Interrupted, a 1999 American psychological drama film. I am sure you must have seen it. If you haven’t, go watch it now. But only after you use these products. It might be too depressing.

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