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Your Healthiest Weekend in Paris (According To A Chanel VP Turned Health Coach)


July 13, 2015

When my friend Charlotte told me she had a girl’s trip to Paris coming up, but was concerned about putting on the pounds, I offered to share this guide to maintaining your nutritional style while visiting the city of lights. Back in the day, as a VP for Chanel, I was in Paris all the time. Fortunately I never gained any weight on my trips—in fact, I often lost a pound or two by sticking to the following tips.

Here’s how I did it, and still do, with ease, and delicious food and wine.
1. Savor The City On Foot

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and everyone walks everywhere. In fact, exploring Paris on foot is a must if you want to fully enjoy the architecture and allure. Heading out for a run or walk in the morning will allow you to experience the city before everyone wakes up. It’s my favorite time and a wonderful way to feel at home there. Some spots to try are the Luxembourg Gardens, Bois de Boulogne, the Seine, or (my favorite), the Jardin des Tuileries. I enter from Rue de Rivoli, run over to the Louvre, around the pyramid, and back. Walking in the evening is not to be missed either, so you night owls can also find your sweet spot. They don’t call it the city of lights for nothing, and you can safely navigate and explore Paris before or after you enjoy dinner and drinks. Wear comfortable shoes or kicks, burn calories, increase your metabolism, and boost your happiness factor with this tip.

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2. Pick Your Pleasure

There are many french delicacies to desire. Is pastry your vice? Cheese? Macarons? Rich sauces? Decide what really matters to you, and indulge. Have that chocolate croissant, or cheese and baguette for lunch. But don’t do it all, and not everyday. The rest of the time, enjoy fresh produce, farm fresh eggs and meats, salads, fresh olive oils, and fruit (see number four, “Pretend You’re French”).

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3. Explore New, Upcoming Restaurants

My French friend, entrepreneur Selina McPherson, co-founder of, shared her favorite new Parisian spots with me. Frenchie, Spring, and Septime are all cool new contemporary restaurants that offer lighter fare than the more traditional foie gras and steak. Selina loves to explore local farmers markets too, an idea that gets an A in my book. What could be more delicious than enjoying locally grown produce while visiting any city?


4. Pretend You’re French

The food in Paris contains less pesticides, it’s not genetically modified, and for the most part it’s farm to table, just like it’s been for centuries, so you’ll be eating well or better than you would in America, and you might feel better too. For the most part, the french don’t snack between meals and they eat reasonable portions. You won’t find supersize servings and snack foods everywhere, like here in the U.S. And the French tend to eat light breakfasts and lunches, the better to enjoy a lovely dinner.

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5. Try This Menu

Breakfast: Pressed coffee, fresh fruit or farm fresh eggs
Lunch: A salad of choice, with some protein and olive oil vinaigrette, maybe wine
Dinner: Fresh fish or meat with vegetables, a salad, wine. A bite of dessert, if tempted

Oh, and don’t forget to insert your indulgence once during your weekend. Mine was always homemade soufflé. And have fun!

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