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This Is The Only Pillow You Should Use On A Plane (Or Ever) + 8 More Tips For Staying Pretty At 10,000 Feet


August 18, 2015

Jamie Sherrill, RN, celebrity skincare guru and Charlotte’s Book expert, is busy prepping Iggy Azalea for her wedding. In addition to Iggy, she works with a long list of celebrity clients, runs the Jamie Sherrill Beauty Park Medical Spas in Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi, and has young triplets. In other words, she’s super human, and she knows a thing or two about travel—here, she gives us her top tips for managing dry, uncomfortable, terrible flights. Yes, the usual suspects appear: water, sunglasses, moisturizer. But Nurse Jamie’s real secret is her pillow (the one she invented while caring for her newborn triplets). It’s designed to support the neck if you’re a back sleeper, and it allows side sleepers the space to rest without putting additional wrinkle-causing weight on their cheeks. Genius! Read on for the rest of Nurse Jamie’s expert tips for flight survival.

1. TSA-Certified 3 Ounce Bottles

Remember the rule 3-1-1 when traveling with carry-on liquids: 3 ounce containers – 1 quart bag – 1 passenger. But this rule doesn’t have to confine your products to ones that are only available in travel sizes! Most drugstores have bundles of empty TSA-approved bottles that you can fill with your favorite products to take with you on the plane.

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2. Hydrating Moisturizer

Did you know that the humidity on a plane in flight is the same as the humidity in the Sahara Desert? Yuck! Keeping your skin hydrated while traveling is essential to preventing dry, cracked skin, and keeping a healthy glow. Bring some moisturizer in one of your TSA-approved bottles to keep your skin hydrated throughout the flight. Hint: you can use your moisturizer to keep your hands hydrated as well.

3. Makeup Wipes

Makeup wipes are lifesavers when you’re traveling on a plane. They clean and refresh your face, and can be used elsewhere, too! Use them to refresh throughout the flight, or just before you get ready to land, then continue with your moisturizer and makeup routine.

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4. Hand Sanitizer

You may be wondering what this has to do with beauty, but hear me out. You may not notice it, but you touch your face and hair all the time, and there’s no worse place to do it than a plane filled with yucky bacteria. Make sure to sanitize your hands often while you’re traveling, especially before eating and applying moisturizer or makeup.

5. The Pillow

Do not, I repeat, do not use the stale pillows they give you on the plane. Not only will they make ugly lines on your face, but they are loaded with bacteria. Bring a form-fitting satin pillow like The Pillow, which cradles your neck and face with smooth, wrinkle-free material. It will ensure some much needed beauty rest while traveling! Get it from Nurse Jamie’s website in her signature purple or grab it on net-a-porter in their sleek signature black (when it’s not sold out), $69.

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6. Vitamin-Infused Lip Moisturizer

Don’t forget that your lips can get extremely dry up there, just like the rest of your skin: using a moisturizing, vitamin-infused lip balm like Vibran-C Lip Tint SPF 15 will keep lips lusciously drenched while adding subtle color.

7. B12 Energy Shot

Give yourself a reboot after traveling so long on the plane with a shot of B12, a natural energy boost that supports your metabolism, mood, brain and memory function. It’s also a great, natural alternative to caffeine, and doesn’t cause a crash.

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8. Water

Just like your skin needs a hydrating moisturizer on the outside, you’ll need to hydrate on the inside, too. Since your body dehydrates on the plane, you need to be sure to replenish it with plenty of H2O throughout the journey. Drinking sugary drinks like soda or alcohol will dehydrate you even faster, so if you do drink, be sure to have extra water.

9. Sunglasses

Let’s be serious: sunglasses on a plane are life savers. Not only do they block out the annoying person in the seat next to you, they block the painful sunshine (UV rays are stronger up there), and tired eyes too. And they make you look fabulous!

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