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Plastic Surgery Alternatives


September 17, 2014

Most of us will do just about anything to avoid the knife.  Luckily, there are experts like Charlotte’s Book Premier Provider, Dr. Fredric Brandt, who can guide us through plastic surgery alternatives.

In this feature interview, Vanity Fair asks Dr. Brandt about the best procedures, treatment options, and products that help postpone consideration for plastic surgery.  His advice: “Fillers and Botox are the best procedures in lieu of surgery, because you can actually lift the face, re-contour, and restore volume with minimal to no downtime utilizing my Can-Ulift procedure. To heal the skin faster, I recommend an Arnica cream to help resolve bruising and Dr. Brandt Skincare Flexitone BB Cream, $39, or CC Glow Broad Spectrum SPF 30, $39, to conceal any redness or irritation and to protect the skin from the sun after a treatment, when skin can be at its most sensitive.”

And for our internal workings, he recommends, “Combinations of green tea and vitamin C have been shown to effectively build collagen more effectively.”

To learn more about Dr. Brandt and his recommended treatments, find him in The Book and look for information on Fillers and Injectables, like Botox, in The Arsenal.

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