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Porexia Is A Bigger Issue Than We Thought


June 6, 2017

Do you think your pores are larger than they actually appear? Are you hell-bent on shrinking them down to size? Well, according to a recent survey commissioned by L’Oreal revealed in this article, you are not alone. Nearly 2,000 women participated and an astounding, 45% say they want to change the size of their pores, and almost a third say they’re more worried about pore size than wrinkles.

And thus the term porexia, an obsession over pore size, is born.

Wanting to change the size of your pores is one thing, but becoming absolutely fixated on them is quite another. In the article, Charlotte’s Book expert Dr. Joshua Zeichner weighs in: “If your obsession with the way your pores look diverts your attention away from the things you need to get done or otherwise interferes with your daily life, that’s porexic territory.”  It’s also noted that an obsessive at-home approach by way of excess scrubbing and product overkill will do more harm than good.

The solution? Dr. Zeichner says, “Though pore size is determined by genetics, there are some healthy ways to deal.” Since collagen in your skin is actually what keeps your pores tight, keep it in tact by using sun protection daily and a collagen-boosting night cream. Want to see remarkable difference? Non-ablative laser treatments, like Clear & Brilliant and Fraxel, can shrink pores after several sessions.


Here’s why your pores get larger as you age and what you can do to fix it.


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