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The Best Protein Plus Beauty Powders For Women
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7 Skin-Fixing Probiotic & Protein Supplements For Women


January 9, 2018

We’re intimately familiar with the food-body-skin-health connection. Charlotte’s Book has extolled the collagen-building virtues of bone broth, Japanese beer, and lycopene; unless you’re hiding under a rock, you know that ingestible beauty is the future of skin health. Health and beauty are one. While we love the emergence of beauty powders on the market, the marriage of beauty powders and protein/fitness supplements is next-level. GNC Creatine? It’s been left in the dust.

It’s best to get a balanced diet (we know). But sometimes your work takes priority and your diet isn’t exactly what you hoped, or you try your best but would love a little boost. It’s great to have something else to rely on: enter the world of protein, probiotic, and fiber powders. Dismiss any visions of late-night gym visits, jacked shoulders, and massive white plastic jars. Supplements, especially those designed for women, are changing rapidly for the better—health and beauty benefits abound, and you have more options than ever.

These products are designed to build energy and make you stronger, but they also balance your microbiome while making skin and hair health a primary goal.

Dana James, Charlotte’s Book-approved, triple board-certified nutritionist, created her vegan powder (Beauti-fuel) because she couldn’t find one on the market to suit her or her clients’ needs. “High quality protein powders offer an easy way for women to obtain the amino acids essential for the synthesis of collagen, keratin, and the functioning of neurotransmitters (which results in a more positive mood). Furthermore, these protein powders are combined with superfoods and botanicals that help increase a woman’s vitality. The ingredients are radically different than the weight gain protein powders targeted to men.”

“If you’re looking to boost your energy and get a liquid meal in an easy way, these can be good alternatives,” says Holli Thompson, a Charlotte’s Book-approved lifestyle and health coach. She recommends substituting your afternoon coffee for a smoothie bolstered with a protein or health powder. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, a protein supplement can help; for those with digestive irregularities, a bit of fiber or a probiotic blend can be very supportive.

It’s valuable to remember that these powders shouldn’t be sole providers: they should be supplements, as the name suggests. Tanya Zuckerbrot, a nutritionist and founder of The F-Factor Diet, warns consumers of relying too heavily on the proposed benefits of supplements. “Taking a supplement while eating junk food isn’t going to deliver any health or beauty benefits. Speaking as a dietitian, the best way to achieve beauty from the inside out is through food and a healthy lifestyle.” However, she does prescribe them in her practice. “If I find a client doesn’t love fresh fruits and vegetables and could use a little extra boost, adding a powder to a smoothie to make sure all their needs are covered is a good option.”

When it comes to finding the right supplement, Tanya advises clients to “look for the same ingredients in supplements [as you would] look for in food: fiber and protein to prevent hunger and boost metabolism, and antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E for clearer skin.”

With that in mind, we looked for some of the tastiest, most well-balanced, high-quality ingestible beauty supplements:


These four supplements combine protein, fiber, antioxidants, and more for a well-rounded dose of both protein and skin support.

1. Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Pro-Fiber ($15, 15 servings)

Although not offering the most protein of the bunch, Manitoba Harvest’s Organic Hemp supplement makes up for that in increased content of fiber and fatty acids omega-3, 6, and 9. The powder contains high levels of amino acids too, which build collagen. It’s an excellent powder if you’re looking to add a little fiber to your diet, a dash of protein, and some skin support.

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2. The Beauty Chef Body Inner Beauty Powder ($80, 25 servings)

Packing tons of bio-available plant proteins like organic brown rice, organic pea protein, and organic chia seeds, this protein powder also tastes amazing (that’s the ginger, cinnamon, and raw cocoa). In addition to fermented fruits, vegetables, and spices, Body Inner Beauty Powder also contains a power-hit of pre and probiotics to bring the body into balance, while a unique green tea extract helps to support the body’s metabolism.

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3. Sha-Glam! ($60, 24 servings)

Packing in 24 grams of protein per serving, Sha-Glam! is made of egg whites and skin’s favorite protein, collagen. With 167% of your necessary daily value of vitamin C and 83% of the daily value of vitamin E, this straightforward supplement is a great addition to drinks or yogurts following a workout to promote increased muscle mass and healthy skin.

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4. Beauti-Fuel ($55, 15 servings)

For vegetarians, vegans, or those looking for a non-animal derived protein option, Beauti-Fuel features raw, organic, plant-based protein. In addition to 17g of plant protein per serving, this supplement contains camu camu, acai berry, maca, lucuma, chia seeds, and monk fruit. The combination of antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals aid the development of healthy cells, regulate body processes, promote muscle formation, and protect the body from free radical damage.

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Don’t necessarily need a protein supplement in your diet? These powders focus on alkalizing foods, antioxidants, and probiotics to give your skin—and energy levels—an extra boost.

1. The Beauty Chef Glow  ($60, 30 servings)

Formulated with probiotics to promote the growth of good bacteria, this beauty powder aids the digestive system while delivering powerful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids to the body for a healthy gut and more radiant skin. Boasting 23 superfoods that are pre-digested in a fermentation process—using a unique, proprietary “mother” or blend of cultures that better enables the body to fully absorb their nutrients—this berry-sweet supplement might just be the extra oomph your skin needs.

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1. Moon Juice Beauty Dust ($38, 25 servings)

This exotic, all-organic-or-wild Beauty Dust is full of exciting skin-boosters, including rehmannia (a Chinese flower), schisandra (a bitter/pungent/salty Chinese berry), and the more well-known goji and stevia. The focus of all these ingredients is on cellular restoration, longevity, and preservation—you’re guaranteed toned and rejuvenated skin, shining hair, and “twinkling eyes”. The packaging is adorable, and the easy-breezy California-style approach to wellness is so refreshing.

Buy it now on Net-A-Porter.

3. The Super Elixir ($125, 30 servings)

Elle Macpherson, the supermodel aptly named “The Body” in the 90s, teamed up with Dr. Simone Laubscher, PhD and nutritionist, to create The Super Elixir. This alkalizing greens supplement is filled with good-for-you ingredients such as wheatgrass, alfalfa, spinach, goji berry, beetroot, carrot, spirulina, and more. The company, WelleCo (we see what you did there Elle), suggests the elixir be taken in the morning or afternoon due to its energy-boosting properties.

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Illustration by Rebekah Flores, Follow her on instagram. 


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